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Zen Guesthouse

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Longgang District
Zen Guesthouse

Zen Guesthouse was started by a group of people from China, South Africa, Australia, and Canada who wanted to take advantage of Shenzhen's proximity to some of China's most beautiful coastline. We were tired of spending all our time fighting the traffic and noise of downtown life, and wanted to be able to drop everything on the weekends and go relax at the beach.

We found a place in the quiet town of Dongchong and immediately started knocking down walls to let the sunlight in, and painting the rooms bright colours to match the better mood we all felt when we got there each weekend.

Word spread fast amongst our friends and colleagues, and pretty soon we were meeting new people each weekend from across China and the world, all looking for a place to relax in the sun and forget the stress of work in the city.

We welcome you to come down and spend some time with all of us, and hope our guesthouse will have the same regenerating effect on your daily life that it's had on ours!

Your home away from home.


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