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Get 200RMB of Free Transportation from Uber

Stuck at Luohu border without a ride?

Sick of haggling with drivers for RMB20?

How about the time your illegal cab driver charged you three times the normal price?

Never fear, Uber is here!


Uber - a technology platform that partners with high-end limo companies around the world, has now soft-launched in Shenzhen.


At the touch of a button, an Audi will come to your location and take you anywhere in downtown Shenzhen in style!

How to use Uber:
 1. Download the Uber app on your iPhone or Android device
 2. Register with your credit card and enter the code: ShenzhenParty (One free ride up to RMB200 courtesy of ShenzhenParty)

3. Set the pin at your preferred pick-up location and request a ride! 

Once you request, your personal driver’s details will be displayed. Simply let the driver know where you want to go, and enjoy the Audi ride fully equipped with Wi-Fi and phone chargers. Upon arrival at your destination, simply get out of the car and you will receive a detailed receipt in your e-mail within minutes. Fares are charged automatically to your credit so no cash is exchanged.

Note that during this intial testing phase for Shenzhen, service will be concentrated primarily in Futian and Luohu, and availability may be limited. Pricing is approximately two times that of a taxi, and payment will be in USD for the time being.
 In the last three years, Uber, which began as a start-up in San Francisco, has expanded to over 50 cities on six continents. Shenzhen is its second city in China and the ninth city in Asia.

We are excited Uber is in Shenzhen and we are hooking you up a code ShenzhenParty for one free ride up to RMB200.

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