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Frequently Asked Questions & Website Suggestions

French Classes


I'd like to take French classes in Shenzhen. Any ideas? Most content related to this question is quite outdated. 



Luohu Short-Term Month to Month Apartment

Can someone recommend a Month to Month Rental all inclusive Apartment in Luohu.  I want to get familiar with the area before I decide a 6 Month Lease.


What do you recommend?


Is their also a nice decent priced Gym in the area?




printer recommendation?

Hi there,


Could anyone recommend a good printer in Shenzhen?  I live in Luohu, so somewhere near is fine so I can pick them up.

I need to print some business cards (about 1000), flyers (about 1000) and posters (about 20xA3 & 5xA0 posters).


I will design everything, so I only need a printer.


Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. PM me if you know anywhere.


Thanks in advance!



Where to go for shopping?



I just arrived to Shenzhen couple of months ago and I'm wondering where to go for shopping.

I already visited the main shopping malls (I guess) but I cannot find what I am looking for. Basic jeans and shoes

As per I seen, I can only find Chinese brands with astronomical prices, ignoring how's the quality. Other shops are only selling those "broken" jeans style. I realised that the most expensive European/American brands have similar prices than local brands. Just I'm trying to find not high brands and/or prices with a fair quality

If somebody knows, I'd appreciate any help or suggestion on where to find clothes within a moderated price. Over all shoes!


Thank you! :)



upload my resume

Hi, how can I upload my resume to your website? Thank you

Uploading my C.V

I went across to the jobs tab, but the 'post public resume' tab doesn't exist. I would like to upload my C.V, would someone care to enlighten me how to go about that? Thanks in advance.





ShenZhen to Hong Kong

Hello Guys, I am now in China in Kunming city. I want go to Hong kong. I have visa only for China not for Hong Kong. So any one can be help me to enter to Hong Kong without VISA?

or From where I can get hong kong visit visa from Kunming city...


If any one can help me for that it will be good for me. 

Thank you

Nasir Uddin

HELP. Please delete all my posts, thank you very much.

Please delete all my posts, thank you very much.


There's a few posts i posted 5 6 years ago, i don't want it anymore but there's no way to delete it.

Posting an advert

I want to advertise my flyer. English teacher availabe. How do I do this?



On Wednesday I'm moving to Shenzhen from New York City. This will be my first time living in China. I heard that many sites are blocked, such as Google and Facebook. I have a gmail account, will I still be able to access that? Will I be able to view sites like HBO Now {Game of Thrones next season starts in 3 weeks) and sports sites like MLB and MLS? Any help is appreciated, thanks!

Best regards,