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Frequently Asked Questions & Website Suggestions

Any Prohibited goods when entering Hong Kong

Is there any prohibited goods I cant bring when I enter Hong Kong? If I accidentally bring it, how much do I need to pay for it? 

Failed to post a job, why is that?

I can't find the job I posted on shenzhenparty, it seems that the job has not been posted successfully. And I didn't receive any CVs in the last two weeks. Why is that? 

Obtaining a Driver's License

Hey everyone, 


First-time poster here. I'm a Canadian citizen, and I'm looking to get a Chinese driver's license. I came across this description of how to obtain one here:


I don't know where I can find an appropriate notary for my foreign license. Also, I'm unsure about any other ID I may need to take with me to the notary office. 


It seems that I will need an interpreter to actually complete the theory test, as it's all in Chinese. Does anyone know someone who offers this service? Lastly, is there any way to properly study for this test? If so, where can I find resources? 

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Chinese Driving License for Foreigner




Is there any agency who can convert foreign driving license to local Chinese license?



Thanks and regards,

Simon Lee

Mandarin Lessons Inquiry (Shiyan, Baoán)



I would like to inquire about places that offer beginner's mandarin lessons around Baoán district (Shiyan Town). Feedback would be much appreciated. Thanks. 

Shenzhen foreigners wechat group

is there anyone know a foreigners wechat group in shenzhen? Thanks for your reply 

Is Shenzhen A.K.J Stomatology Hospital a Good choice for dental treatment?

Is Shenzhen A.K.J Stomatology Hospital a Good choice for dental treatment?


Chuches in Nanshan District

Are there any English speaking churches in Nanshan district? Preferably one that meets in the morning.

Engineering internship opportunities

Hi everyone, I'm in my 3rd year studying electrical engineering and automation in zhejiang province. I'm expected to do a summer internship as part of our curriculum. It's been very challenging getting a company to take me as a foreign intern. I was wondering if there are foreig engineers working here in china. If any one has any useful links, I'll be very grateful. The internship is just for about two months and I'm willing to relocate to any part of china for this period. Thanks. Please message me privately.

找房子(宝安)。Look for apartment (Bao'an)




1)光亮房子(最好朝南的) Read more »