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Nightlife and Dining

Where can I find staff to hire for a few days?

I'm looking for 10-12 helpers for one weekend in December over 23rd and 24th December.


Locals or expats are welcome to help out!


If you are interested or you know a website in which I can use to find staff, we'd deeply appreciate the help!


Thanks in advance to any help that we receive.



Marketing Manager - Crafty Marketing

Where to buy egg nog and postre de tres leches?

looking for that Christmas drink Egg Nog.


i also want the best cake in the world.  It is from Mexico.  It is called “Postre de tres Leches”.  In English -  Three milk cake.  


For those of you who don‘t know this cake and wonder why I call it the best in the world.  Let me ask you a question, does moist cake mean delicious?  If you answered yes then you can’t get any moister than this cake, if it is fresh and you cut into it, milk will come pouring out.

rock music

hi everyones


is there any good rock live pubs with bands here?

look forward to hear some good rock in shenzhen


also any place that we can play to join jam sessions?



Closure of "The Kitchen, Futian" restaurant

The Kitchen, Futian has closed !!   I loved that place.   Where has it gone??   I know there is a Kitchen, Bantian, but it isnt in Futian.  

Where have all the underground dance music nights gone?

I've just arrived in Shenzhen and am looking for house/techno/drum and bass (basically any non-commerical dance music) nights. It seems that as of about 2015 they either suddenly stopped happening or became impossible to track down on the internet. Please someone tell me it's just the latter! Read more »

cake store

Hi there,

Can you recomend some good cake store. I need real birthday cake.

Thank you,




Does anyone know if stores in Dongmen St. will be open this weekend? 

A good vegetarian restaurant in Shenzhen?

Hi there, we're looking for the rare find that is a good vegetarian restaurant in the meat - lovers city of Shenzhen :) of you know such place, please share. 

What are the best jam sessions/ open mics in Shenzhen?

I am moving to Shenzhen, what are the best jam sessions/ open mics? l have to notify my new employer which nights of the week l want off, so therefore: on which nights are the best jam sessions and open mics? Preferably something with a backline (drums, amps) and/or an acoustic piano.


Edit: I'm also curious in what place the level of playing (usually) is the best

where can I hold a Chinese New Year dinner?

Do u know anyplace that taste good with reasonable price and has private room which can hold 26ppl in Luohu area?