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Sports, Health, Fitness and Recreation

Hung Ga Instructor

I'm interested in learning Hung Ga (洪拳)and was wondering if anybody knows somebody who teaches it. Thanks.

Tennis Club

I am in Futian at the moment and would like to know if there are any formal tennis clubs where I can join in as a visitor?


Hi there. 


Maybe someone knows where I can find the medication 


"Paroxetine" (Paxil,Pexeva,Seroxat) in shenzhen?



Tennis training

Hi there, there is someone who would like to practice tennis. My WeChat ID is: alex-shenzhen 

Golf Lessons

Golf Lessons Programs offered for Juniors and Adults in Shenzhen.


PGA Golf Coach qualified in USA and Europe available to teach beginnners, intermediate or advanced players.


Baseball interests in Shenzhen

Are there any teams in Shenzhen, or any adults willing to meet up for practice?

I coach a team in Luohu, but aside from a few friends I have no one to practice my own skills with.

Would anybody be interested in meeting up to play, as if so, know a location to meet up for it?


My Wechat is DanielJCarter, you can contact me with any details for a meet up place or players interested.

Gym in Shenzhen

Hi all,


Can anyone recommend a good, old-school kind of gym? I'm not looking for a fancy, expensive "fitness centre", I'm more after a place with a load of iron and ideally a punching bag, which is reasonably priced.


Ideally in Nanshan district as that's where I live, but I'm willing to travel for a good place.


Thanks in advance,



best gym in shenzhen

good afternoon everyones

i m going to move in shenzhen in october.

i m actually a member of gold gym but i know there is no gold gym in china


does anyone recommend a gym place close to futian?


thank you very much



Hung gar kung fu in Shenzhen?



I am looking for a Hung gar kung fu gym in Shenzhen.


There must be one as it is a style originally from the South of China and one of its masters was from Guangdong. Any suggestion?

Good eye specialist

Hello, I want to find a good eye specialist in Shenzhen Can you recommend me one?