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Shenzhen News

Thinking period of purchasing construction machinery

After weighing out the pros and cons, taking the leap to purchase is an investment that can pay off. Manufacturers create new, innovative, or improved products to benefit the customer in a given market with an understanding the market will continually fluctuate. Since the product is created to improve the customers’ process, it applies to nearly all states of the market. Read more »

What aggregates can be adopted by concrete pump

Green Brown, operations manager for Daswell, says the best concrete for a job and the best concrete for a pumping operation are sometimes diametrically opposed. “The easiest concrete mix to pump has a high water-cement ratio with as much Portland cement as possible. Water-cement ratios of 0.45 or more are the easiest to pump and using a super plasticizer to achieve higher placing slump doesn't help much. Pozzolans, however, can be helpful as a Portland cement replacement.” But the best concrete for a project may require a low water-cement ratio and cementitious amounts calculated to increase compressive strength and reduce shrinkage. Read more »

Influence of fuel system on concrete pump

Consider the Source: Preventive Maintenance through Smart Fuel Practices. Just as with the human body, you will only get out of your machine what you put into it. Most construction firms hollow block machine, especially those in populated areas, don’t have to be too concerned with “fresh” fuel as the supply is regularly cycled through. Fuel quality in North America is generally pretty good. Having said that: source your fuel from a reputable source with a track record for clean and fresh diesel. Diesel fuel begins to degrade as it ages. Read more »

Beats by dre boxing day sales 2013

Just as  Read more »

Marketing Information about Daswell Concrete Mixers

Daswell two sets of JZC350 concrete mixers were successfully shipped to Russia in the middle of April, 2013. JZC concrete mixer series are of free-fall double taper reversal discharge equipment, the mixing drum is driven by ring gears, which will mix forward in operation and reverse for discharge; it can be used to mix plastic and semi-stiff concrete. Read more »

The Manufacturing Processes of Asbestos Tile Production Line

In the past few decades there has been a gradual development and increase in the use of tile. Vinyl floor tile and asphalt floor tile can use as much as 30 to 50 per cent, by weight, of asbestos shorts and floats.

Sometimes, longer fibers are used; however, it is rare inasmuch as they are more expensive and tend to interfere with producing smoothly surfaced tiles. Asbestos is also used in the manufacture of synthetic resin tile.

It has been reported that the asphalt tile industry had its beginning in 1920 when the asphalt roofing manufacturers attempted to develop a material similar to slate shingles. The material developed was not suitable for shingles, but it started the asphalt floor tile business. Read more »

Fote mobile crusher is efficient in waste disposal

According to relevant data statistics, by 2020, the new construction area of our country will be about 30 billion square meters, if calculate by the standard of 500 to 600tons per ten thousand of square meters, there is no doubt that the amount of new construction waste will be huge. Most of the construction waste is piled up on the open-air or directly embed without any processing, which not only costs a lot of waste freight construction funds, but also causes serious environmental pollution. So how to effectively deal with construction waste has become a priority. Read more »

Running Methods and Design Thought of Sand Washer

XSD Series Sand Washing Machine is a kind of wheeled washing equipment, and can clean and separate the dust and powder from the sand. Its new seal-structure and reliable driving device can make sure the cleaning effective and a kind of high efficiency sand washing equipment matched with the Sand Making Machine. Read more »

HXJQ Rotary Kiln is Adaptable to Various Materials

Nowadays, with the development of construction, cement industry seems so important to support the building materials. Then the demand of mining machines is increasing. It is good news for the mining machine manufacturers in our country. We should seize this chance to make more progress in this field. Hongxing Machinery has a long history in producing mining machines, and the rotary kiln it produced owns high praises in consumers. As the lime rotary kiln, rotary cement kiln and so on. Read more »