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Rainy days for the week

Article from: Shenzhen Daily,

By: Han Ximin.

    THE city will see heavy rain tomorrow and Saturday, Shenzhen Meteorological Observatory said yesterday.

    The city will experience a new round of heavy rain, and even torrential rain in some areas, tomorrow.

    Thursday will see brief but heavy rainfall, according to the observatory, which reminded residents to be aware and take precautions.

    There will be another round of heavy rain from Friday to Sunday.

5-6 typhoons to affect city

Article from: Shenzhen Daily,

By: Han Ximin.


    SHENZHEN Meteorological Observatory predicts that five to six typhoons will affect the city this year, and two to three will cause serious damage.

    At a meeting to discuss disaster relief last week, Wang Yanqing, head of the bureau, said Shenzhen is likely to experience extreme weather this year and there will be typhoons within a 500 kilometer radius of Shenzhen between June and September.

    Rainfall will reach between 1,350-1,450 millimeters during the flood season, which started April 6, accounting for 82% of the year’s total rainfall.

Weekend could see cool temperatures

Article from: Shenzhen Daily

By: Han Ximin


    SHENZHEN temperatures could dip to 12-14 degrees Celsius over the weekend, a drop of about five degrees from recent sunny weather, because of a cold front that could reach the city Friday.

    The cold front could bring strong winds and cloudy skies. Some bursts of sunshine are forecast for Saturday and Sunday, though, with temperatures topping out at 19-20 degrees Celsius.

    Light, scattered rain also is possible Friday and Saturday. The relative humidity will remain high, at 65-90 percent, and air quality will be good over the weekend.

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Humid weather in coming days

Temperatures will climb to 18-24 degrees Celsius today and Wednesday, bringing the warmest days since January.   But another cold front will affect the city Thursday, ending the humidity with a dose of dry air. Read full article here on Shenzhen Daily.

Cold air to relieve humidity

Information Source: Shenzhen Daily, by Han Ximin.

Descriptions are quoted as below: Read more »

Cold front to sweep China. Weather Forecast for Shenzhen this week.

News from Xinhua that cold front is to sweep China in the following three days, and Shenzhen will be affected as well.

Descriptions are quoted as below:

"A cold front will sweep across most parts of China, from west to east, over the next three days, and will bring rains and sandstorms, Sunday's weather forecast said.
Temperatures will drop by up to 16 degrees Celsius in some regions, the China Meteorological Administration (CMA) said."

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Weather Forecast For Shenzhen this week:

March 14th (Monday), cloudy with 15℃ to 28℃.

March 15th (Tuesday), rainy with 12℃ to 23℃. Read more »

Fine weather for Spring Festival

Information Source: Shenzhen Daily, by Han Ximin.
Descriptions are quoted as below:

"SHENZHEN is expected to have warm, sunny weather for the Spring Festival holdiays, Shenzhen Meteorological Observatory sources said yesterday.

Temperatures would range between 14 degrees Celsius and a maximum of 23 degrees Celsius in the coming seven days.

A cold front that had affected most of South China had weakened Sunday and temperatures would begin to climb to 10-18 degrees Celsius from today. The weather should be sunny for the whole week. Read more »

Icy weather for holiday travel

Shenzhendaily has an article named "Icy weather for holiday travel" by Han Ximin. Photo from:
Descriptions are quoted as below:

"HOLIDAYMAKERS can expect cold weather with the Shenzhen Meteorological Observatory forecasting a series of cold fronts to sweep through South China during the next four weeks.

The next cold front is due Friday with others to follow at the end of the month, Feb. 12 and Feb. 21. Minimum temperatures will fall to 5-6 degrees Celsius, with light showers. The cold weather will last three to five days with each cold front.

Icy weather with rain and snow can be expected in South China during the Spring Festival transport season which starts Wednesday. Read more »

City emissions pollution soars

Information Source: Shenzhen Daily, by Han Ximin.
Photo by: Sun Yuchen.
Descriptions are quoted as below:

"SHENZHEN’S Air Pollution Index (API) average reading hit 125 yesterday, posing a threat to people with heart and respiratory illnesses.

According to yesterday’s air pollution report released by the Shenzhen Meteorological Observatory and Shenzhen Environment Monitoring Station, the API in Nanshan was 157, Bao’an 148 and Futian 120. The pollutants were mainly exhaust emissions, said the observatory. Read more »

Heavy rain to continue at weekend

ShenzhenDaily has an article named "Heavy rain to continue at weekend" by Han Ximin

HEAVY rain is expected in Shenzhen on Saturday and Sunday under the influence of tropical storm Meranti, the 10th of the season, the meteorological observatory said Thursday.

Meranti, the name of a tree in Malaysia, was 550 kilometers southwest of Shenzhen at 3 p.m. Thursday moving north-northwest at 20 kilometers per hour in the South China Sea. It was expected to land along the coast between eastern Guangdong and southern Fujian between Thursday evening and Friday.

Meranti would move north after making landfall. Torrential rain was expected Saturday and Sunday, the observatory said.

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