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Address and contact information:
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7th floor, China Gaoke Mansion, Shenzhen, Guangdong
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+86 13310870699
How to Get a Chinese Visa

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Looking to visit Mainland China? Maybe you’re going to attend our Cross Border Summit (if so, thank you – you rock!) or maybe you’re coming for the Canton Fair trade show or to visit factories. Whatever the case, 99% sure your passport will require you to file and pay for a passport visa in advance. Read more »

sell painitings online on dependent visa


My husband has work permit and I am on dependent S1 Visa.

I paint.My question is can I sell my paintings on online shops??




Start-up Visa for fresh graduates in China University
Start up visa(Enterpreneurship visa), student Visa

                                                        Entrepreneur visa(start up visa)

If you still worry about how to apply for a invitation letter to China? If you get a X visa at China for study at University in China , then it is a good news for you.

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Chinese Green Card

Hello All,


I heard from a friend that since August 2016 Guangdong province considerably lowered the requirements for getting a China green card.


Before the requirements were pretty steep, like for instance investing > USD 500.000 or having done special deeds for the Chinese people.. now seems that even a few years of regular residence/work permit could be enough.

Looking on the internet, I have (as usual) found conflicting information about the matter.


Anybody has heard anything about it? Or even better.. anybody already tried to apply?

About what kind of visa I should get to stay here in Shenzhen

Hi, can anyone tell me what kind of visa I should get to stay in Shenzhen?

I had work visa, but I left the company already. 

I don't work in any company now, just sometimes do some random business.

Is tourist visa OK for me or I have to get a business visa?

What is the difference then?


I thought my tourist visa allowed me to stay 90 days in china before having to leave and re-enter but now i realize it was infact only 60 days.
My visa expired on the 17th of July meaning I have been here 4 weeks over my allowed time.
I was happy to pay the fine however much it would be but I am now being told that my visa will be cancelled when I leave China.
Can anyone confirm if this is true or not?
If this is the case does this also mean I cannot apply for a new visa for 2 years?
Would it be possible to pay the fine at the border control and have them not cancel my current 90 tourist visa?
Desperately looking for some advice as each day will be costing me more money to stay in the country.



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Address & Contact

Address and contact information:
Place Address (English/Pinyin): 
Place Phone: 
+86 130 4897 1583
need visa

 i need a visa agent with some power just any agent wont do.  please help

Moving to Shenzhen



I am a Canadian citizen currently living in Canada. I am very interested in coming to work in Shenzhen to teach english however it seems impossible to obtain a visa. Is it likely that once in Shenzhen an employer will help to convert L visa to Z visa? I have been looking for jobs and they a looking for a visitor visa. Is this ilegal to work like this? What can happen? If anyone has any tips or advice please let me know! Thank you!