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First time in Shenzhen in Bao An District from USA

Ni Hao,

I am from USA and a very nice funny, intelligent, educated, athletic guy. I just landed here last night and got really bored on the evening. I dont know anyone here, how to get around and find places to go and eat good ethnic chinese food. I dont speak chinese so its really hard to communicate.

It would be very nice if I can find someone (if its girl even better) to meet me who speaks english and be my friend and show me around. I am ina hotel in Bao An District Shenzhen China.

I am 28 years old and here for next3 days on business meetings and then fly back to USA.

I am of mixed race, 5 ft 8 inch tall.

Please email me back here or "" or wechat: Loove2Travel.

Thank you. :)

[Trailer] Conquering Southern China

2 Vloggers. 5 Provinces. 5000km. 1 Epic Adventure.

This is Conquering Southern China:

Winston Sterzel - The Original China Vlogger - and his fellow Youtuber, C-Milk, bike through the weirdest and wildest back roads of Southern China.

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Nairobi to Shenzhen [Book Reveiw]
Nairobi to Shenzhen



“China occupies my mind at first like a hazy image

of people and places —

distant, in some hidden valley

of my consciousness...

And the women are another story.

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Tortuga Backpacks
Tortuga Backpacks logo

Tortuga Backpacks is a US-based ecommerce company serving international, urban travelers. Our products include soft goods (backpacks, packing cubes) and waterproof toiletry bags.

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Shenzhen A - Z, from Shenzhen: The Book
Shenzhen A to Z

SHENZHEN: THE BOOK will take you beyond the alphabet and help you discover some of the supercalafragalistic corners of the city.

With that said, we've all got to begin our adventures from somehwere; without getting grammatical, lets pretend we're back in preschool and go on an A to Z journey of random samplings pulled from Shenzhen: The Book

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40 Helpful Apps That Would Make Your Life in Shenzhen Much Easier
shenzhen apps

Here is an essential survival kit of smart phone apps you would need to help you navigate the city that'll put the locals to shame. Some of the apps are only in Chinese but are comprehensible. On the itunes store website, most of the Chinese apps will say that they have both English and Chinese, but the English version is basically non-existent. It's a long list including categories ranging from social network to banking, choose wisely and enjoy being a pro at living in Shenzhen!

Social Network


WeChat provides multimedia communication with text messaging, hold-to-talk voice messaging, broadcast (one-to-many) messaging, photo/video sharing, location sharing, and contact information exchange. Read more »

CO-TALK Language Center*Window of the World Campus*Seaworld Campus
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Co-talk dreams to connect interesting people, available resources, creative ideas around the world, creating an unique cultural ecological chain. Start with language, connect to culture, promote communication, boost activities, derive product; therefore driving language learning. They are interrelated and interact on each other.


We have successfully hosted a series of activities, including Chinese Corner, cultural activities, and language quiz night.

In the future, we’ll plan more funny and meaningful activities for expats and locals to make their life colorful in Shenzhen.

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Address & Contact

Address and contact information:
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(1)No.1912, 19 floor, block A, Reith Center(the tall golden building), Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China (2)5C 508 Seascape square, Exit D, seaworld metro station, shekou, Nanshan, Shenzhen, China
中国深圳市 (1)南山区瑞思中心(金黄色大楼)A栋19楼1912,世界之窗地铁站C1出口 (2)南山区蛇口海上世界D出口,海景广场5C 508
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Airline Tickets

Love to hear of some places in SZ where one can purchase International flight tickets for cash.  Preferably accustomed to handling flights PRC - US

Tink Labs Ltd

Founded in Hong Kong in April 2012, Tink Labs is a technology company that believes in the capacity for mobile technology to simply life's many complications. We are the pioneers of fun and innovations, and with handy, are the first in the world to provide a fully customizable smartphone solution to hotel partners to meet the comprehensive needs of today's modern traveler. 

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Address and contact information:
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1/F, 101 King's Road, North Point, Hong Kong
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Top Reasons to Live in Shenzhen

When expats are faced with the choice of where to stay in China, Beijing and Shanghai would be the first ones they consider. In a way Shenzhen ordinary, just another mainland city that can never get its English right and whose traffic becomes a nightmare from 5:30 pm to 8. Statistically speaking, it doesn't sound like the most attractive city--Shenzhen taxis have the highest flag-down rate in the whole country, and not to mention the daunting population density of 4855 persons per sq. km. But the city is not a bunch of numbers, it is palpable; it is not a map, it is the metro seat you can feel with your own skin. The difference between Shenzhen and other mainland cities is the sense of belonging it gives to everyone who lives here and who comes here in search of a home.
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