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Theme party

Fringe Launching Parade 2013——More-local, Freer, Younger

2013 Shenzhen Fringe Festival kicks off at Shenzhen Bay Street on November 23rd, 2013.  “Oh~Fringe!” is the main theme of this year’ s festival, which particular lays stress on festival experience, different emotional experiences and sense of participation. As usual, Fringe starts the ball rolling by the Parade. This year, the Fringe Launching Parade breaks away from conventions and becomes more-local, freer and younger. 


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European Chamber's Zhuhai Go Karting Race
Group A Racer

60 racers have roared the town of Jinding in Zhuhai during the European Chamber’s Zhuhai Go Karting Race on March 5th, 2012. Families, friends, colleagues and special guests from across the Pearl River Delta together experienced the adrenalin of the event. The race also served as a unique occasion to celebrate the 6-month anniversary of the European Chamber PRD Chapter's  establishment in Zhuhai.

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