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Health & Wellness Fair
Vista-SK International Medical Center
Sat May 05th

Xpats Bar & Grill, Sea World Shekou
Sat December 23rd

McCawley's Seaworld & Peninsula Weekly Sports Schedule Nov.10-12
McCawley's Irish Bar & Restaurant Shekou
Fri November 10th

Live Sports this weekend at McCawleys Seaworld ( Shekou)
McCawley's Irish Bar & Restaurant Shekou
Fri October 20th

21-Day Gym Challenge
Mon September 04th

Dr. David Cosman Brings His Chiropractic Services to Shekou
First Chiropractic brings a mix of health services to Shekou

David Cosman, Doctor of Chiropractic & Sports Science – Hong Kong and Shenzhen.


In China, the comfort-lifestyle for western expats includes food; familiar food.  “It’s not home, but it’s good enough” some might say and Shenzhen is indeed blessed in that way.  When it comes to health care, things get a little more serious with less experimentation.   Finding and knowing a decent chiropractor in Shenzhen is a true comfort for many who limit themselves to western medications or find that their Chinese Traditional Medicine sessions didn’t help this time around.   

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Wednesday Wing Night
Xpats Bar & Grill
Wed March 22nd

Xpats 10 Year Anniversary
Xpats Bar & Grill
Sat February 25th

Experience Archery during the Chinese New Year holidays
Lanxigu International Apartment/Shengang Hotel Apartment ( Lanxigu Branch)
Mon January 30th
call us: +86-755-3395-5850