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Hi, just moved to shataujiao in Yantian area.  Only working part-time at the moment, so have alot of spare time on my hands.  Can anybody recommend any hobby/cooking classes I can attend, sports I can play, etc??

Climbing in Shenzhen

Hi there, I am new to Shenzhen (currently staying in Louhu) and I would like to do some climbing here, specifically rock climbing, not hiking or mountain climbing. Does anybody know of any local groups/clubs or indoor climbing facilities.
I haven't climbed properly in about a year or so, so I won't be much better than beginner level but it would be great to meet some climbers in the area.


Sports (Basketball/Soccer/Tennis)

Hey Guys!


Let me first introduce myself. My name is Jay and have lived in China for 4.5 yrs already. Most of it has been in Beijing. After being relocated this year to Shenzhen, within the last 2 months I find myself not knowing anyone at all except for few coworkers. So wanting to know some new people, especially by means of sports.


I was wondering if anyone here has a weekly pick up game of soccer or basketball. I play both sports, but more frequently basketball.  


I haven't touched a soccer ball in several years, but the enjoyment of playing it is always a great feeling, and used to play Fwd position in intramural leagues..before life set in

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Anybody play wargame?

I like wargame, sweatiness. Whoever want in will be wellcome. We could play together.



Fitness teacher offering lessons for a limited time, learn to be fit and motivated for a lifetime.

I've been an athlete for 20 years now, focusing on health and fitness. I've learned what it takes to be consistent in ones fitness pursuits. Most people who seek to pursue health and fitness flame out shortly after they start, losing motivation. There is a reason for this. A lack of guidance on how to do things properly is one reason, the other is a lack of clearly and reasonably defined goals, which in turn leads to a loss in motivation. In addition to this people simply burn out, not being able to continue, again, for lack of guidance and the proper knowledge on how to keep going beyond a certain point. Read more »

NBA is back baby... It is fantasy basketball time!!!

Hello to all those NBA fanatics out there... 

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Girls of Navy Billiards
Shenzhen and Shekou Party: Apartment Rentals, Bars, Restaurants, Real estate, Jobs, Events, Hotels in Guangdong, China

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Pilates in LuoHu or Futian Districts?

Hello Shenzhen,

Does anybody know if there is a Pilates class/course offered in LuoHu or Futian districs? 

Thanks for your input. 



Chinese wrestling,Zhong Guo Shuai Jiao Need training partners

I'm looking for a training partner or partners. I'm from america been doing martial arts my whole life,studied chinese wrestling in beijing several years and can teach you the basics to intermediate level of this art for free. All i need is some people to train with. I train near windows of the world in Nanshan in the park over there.
call us: +86-186-7677-0910