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Splendid China

Shenzhen Climate – All Season is Superb

Shenzhen, China’s first and one of the most successful special economic zones, is a perfect travel destination whichever season you may choose to go. The city experiences subtropical marine climate and the usual weather activities in every season slightly varies on account of the geographical orientation of the city. There is a mild and relatively dry winter season, that rarely exhibits frost. Springtime starts dry and rainfall gradually increases by April, followed by the rainy season until the early or mid part of October. Summer is best described to be very humid, and moderately hot. The city is also typhoon prone, so travelers are advised to choose the best time to go there during the rainy season. The best is between August and September. Read more »

Splendid China Folk Culture Villages
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Splendid China Fold Culture Villages

Enjoy a large scale collection of cultural and scenic spots, that exhibits folk arts and Chinese customs. This is the home of several Chinese national festival water-splashing Festival of Dai nationality, Torch Festival of Yi nationality, Lusheng Festival of Miao and the like. All of these are made possible inside a 200,000 square meter property.

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