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The Art Of Making A Suit By Tailor Tom Bespoke

When we picture a man in a suit, we see James Bond in his black tuxedo in Goldfinger or Don Draper sporting a grey suit during a sales pitch in Mad Men. You can be quite sure that neither man bought their suits off the rack or some tailor who gave them a business card on the street.


They wear the kind of suits that are made by Tailor Tom Bespoke. Having learned his craft over six years working as a pattern maker for prestigious New York custom tailors, Michael Andrews Bespoke, Tom started his own tailors a little over two years ago.


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Custom Shoes

I know that in Hong Kong there are a few shoe storesthat have the ability to produce shoes that are made to order for a customer. I plan to have some custom suits made, which is easy (just go to Dongmen or Luohu Commercial City) but I haven't heard of a place to get dress shoes made in Shenzhen.


Surely there has to be a couple cobblers in Shenzhen? If you know of any or have heard of any, please let me know. Ifyou have actually gotten some made, please talk about price and your experience, thanks.



Dongmen is accessible from exits to the metro station Laojie Station and follow Exit A, lies just north of Shennan Dong Road. "Dongmen" usually refers to more than just "Dongmen Road", encompassing the entire series of connecting commercial streets.



The variety of shopping in Dongmen is wider than Luohu Commercial City, but has a similar focus on Chinese-made and counterfeit goods. Beauty parlor services are very popular in Dongmen and the department store Maoye has locations on both ends of the road. Read more »

Address & Contact

Address and contact information:
Place Address (English/Pinyin): 
Luojie, North of Shennan Dong Road, Luohu District
Place Phone: 
+86 (755)
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Dongmen store

Moi’s Dongmen store is offering a 50-percent discount on new arrivals and discounts of up to 80 percent on merchandise including clothing, shoes and accessories.

Time: Until May 28

Venue: 2047 Dongmen Road Central, Luohu District (罗湖区东门中路2047号)

Metro: Laojie Station (老街站), Exit A


Huaqiangbei store

The Moi store in Huaqiangbei is offering discounts of up to 75 percent on clothing, shoes and accessories.

Time: Until May 27

I want to send a pair of shoes to the UK, hopefully to get there 7-9 days, where do i go? how much is it?

It's my sisters birthday and I want to send her a pair of shoes, how long will it take if I send it using the Post Office here in CHina and how much would it be? or any other information is much appreciated.

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Perhaps you have never imagine that you can buy clothing that are to export at such a low price, then it will worth your time to spend a visit here. Wang Hong Clothing Whole Sale Market locates in Bao'an North Road in Luohu District. It seems not easy to find such a place, but when you finally do, you will feel lucky that you are there. For things there are so cheap that you can buy a lot without costing a lot. There sells things like clothes, sportswear, bags, scarves, shoes, and wardrobe, etc. Joe boxer underwear is just for 15RMB a pair. So it entails your ability to discover. And hopefully that you can bargain on occasions. There are many different shops there too, so it would be better if you have sufficient time for shopping. Read more »
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