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Social Security to Cover Shenzhen Expats

Shenzhen Daily, Han Ximin reported that "FOREIGNERS working in Shenzhen will be covered by social security, according to temporary regulations on social security to take effect Saturday.

    The regulations, which were approved by the State Council, said foreigners with employment permits, foreign expert certificates or residency permits (green cards) will be covered by five types of insurance including basic endowment insurance, basic medical insurance, work injury insurance, unemployment insurance and maternity insurance. " Read more »

Metro Security Checks to be Downgraded

Shenzhen Daily has an article named "Metro Security Checks to be Downgraded", by Han Ximin, Luo Miao

"SECURITY checks at Shenzhen Metro stations will be lowered to the level of random checks starting tomorrow.

    The 3,000 security inspectors, mainly college students who were hired for Universiade security checks, will return to school, but the 286 X-ray scanning machines will remain in place for random checks, a report in Southern Metropolis Daily said yesterday. Read more »

Metro Security Downgrade

Shenzhen Daily reported that " METRO security checks which were implemented for the Universiade will end Oct. 10. 

Please click here to read more about the glance at shenzhen.


Metro security checks to be routine

ShenzhenDaily has an article named "Metro security checks to be routine" by Han Ximin. Descriptions are quoted as below: Read more »

Alleged child kidnapper stands trial

Shenzhen Daily has an article named "Alleged child kidnapper stands trial" by Wang Yuanyuan.

A MAN on trial in a Shenzhen court yesterday denied he was the mastermind behind a sensational kidnapping, in which a school pupil was killed last year.

Zou Chun, a native of Leizhou in Guangdong Province, was charged with kidnapping and killing a Grade 6 pupil at Nanshan Foreign Language School on Oct. 20, the Shenzhen Intermediate People’s Court was told.

Zou allegedly killed the boy, identified as Yi Yuchun, when he tried to escape, throwing his body into a river after demanding US$500,000 ransom from the boy’s parents. Zou was arrested Nov. 12, prosecutors said yesterday.

Should be more careful when going around the city

There was a city security case happened about a month ago. Information from Xpats Bar & Lounge was that an expat called Paul was attacked in his 25th floor apartment nearby Coco Park. He was stabbed, tied up and tortured to reveal his PIN numbers, then left to die – he lost 2L of blood. Fortunately he crawled to the lift, got to the lobby & ultimately to Futian Hospital.

People got him over to Adventist Hosp in HK where he is now recovering. And Later, police caught the attackers. It appears these were the same guys who, a few weeks ago, stole some items from his apartment….with no forced entry! Read more »