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DJ Gold Fingers @BOA Shekou
BOA Lounge & Club
Sat March 17th

Wine and Food Exhibition
Thu December 07th

Finding Reputable Real Estate Agents In Shenzhen
looking for honest agents? we have a list for you

Reputable Real Estate Agencies in Shenzhen.

If you are planning to live in Shenzhen, or you are already living here, you are sure to know that sometimes tricks are being played on consumers when it comes to finding an apartment in Shenzhen, for example, being offered beautiful apartments at an amazing prices only to find out later that none of those apartments were available and that the ones that are available are much more expensive.

As such we have compiled the following list of reputable real estate agents to take the headache out of looking for an apartment in Shenzhen.

Huachang Real Estate Read more »

Every MON-FRI: Baia Burger Concept Lunch Special
Baia Burger Concept
Mon June 06th

Internations First May Event
Baia Burger Concept
Fri May 13th

Pizza Day Special
Oggi Trattoria Pizzeria
Tue November 24th

Thanksgiving Day Special
Oggi Trattoria Pizzeria
Thu November 26th
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