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Hello, my name is Diego and im a mexican drummer. I just arrived to Shenzhen and i will love to jam or make a band here. Actually i dont have drums set because i just arrived but later im hoping to have a set so if you are searching for drummer please contact me.  I play all kinds of rock music, little bit of pop and blues. 

add me to wechat so we can speak about if you are interested: dibox_diego.

Promoting my CD in China

How can a guy in the states get a agent or company to promote his new CD and get it into the market...a mix of American country and rock...any help is welcomed...Thank you...Dan...hoopy507 on youtube

Climbing in Shenzhen

Hi there, I am new to Shenzhen (currently staying in Louhu) and I would like to do some climbing here, specifically rock climbing, not hiking or mountain climbing. Does anybody know of any local groups/clubs or indoor climbing facilities.
I haven't climbed properly in about a year or so, so I won't be much better than beginner level but it would be great to meet some climbers in the area.


Win Your Free Tickets to "Thirty Seconds To Mars" HK Concert

ShenzhenParty is to hand out 12 FREE tickets in total to people who give the best comment on the question below. We will pick up 6 winners in total, and each of them will have two tickets to go to the concert.



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The Campaign will be closed at 4pm, on July 21, Thursday. So, please hurry up to get your FREE ticket!


Simple Introduction to the Concert: Read more »

Who's going to The Drums gig in Hk, on May 26th?

Hi There!

So surf-rock band "The Drums" is coming in Hong Kong on May 26th and I'm definitely going to the gig as I am a big fan of their music.  But it seems that none of friends here in Shenzhen has ever heard of the band... :(

So, I m coming here... hoping to find other fans who would like to join me to go to the gig. ( For more details, please check the Events calendar, May 26 )

If anyone here is interested, please contact me ! ( I have an extra ticket and I don't think it will be a problem to buy some more tickets if youw ant to bring some friends along.)