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Where can I rent a bicycle for a day, with lock?

Where in Shenzhen can I rent a bicycle for a day, to ride around town with, and explore nearby natural areas?


I have read

But the directions are too hard for me, as I do not know the local Wallmart (there seem to be several) and it is not clear if that post is still current information, nor the rules on using the green bicycles.

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Office and co-working space in Shenzhen Futian Anlian
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The Shenzhen Futian Anlian Centre located in the tall, Grade A, Anlian Building in the Futian district, the city's financial, political and cultural core. Surrounded by some of the most important buildings in Shenzhen, the area is populated by many big banks and government buildings, as well as a large exhibition centre and the International Chamber of Commerce. Situated on the 26th floor of a 39 storey building, there are stunning views over the city from some of the centre's offices. The building has a central atrium bringing extra natural light to the rooms as well as external roof gardens. A metal sunshade on the western side of the building helps keep the offices at a constant temperature. Read more »

Address & Contact

Address and contact information:
Place Address (English/Pinyin): 
Level 26,Anlian Centre 4018 Jintian Rd.,Futian District Shenzhen 518026 China
Place Phone: 
Taking over rental-procedure

Hi everyone,


i stay in mount orchid Shekou and would like to know what is the procedure if I leave before my year lease is up? Is it easy for someone else to move in take over rental and pay deposit back?



Hertz Rent A Car

Hertz, is the world's largest general use car rental brand. Over the years, Hertz has differentiated itself with product and service initiatives such as the Hertz #1 Club Gold, NeverLost customerized, connect by Hertz--Car sharing programk and and unique fleet of cars ans SUVs offered through our Prestige, Fun and Green Collections.

Address & Contact

Address and contact information:
Place Address (English/Pinyin): 
B-403, Fu'an Building, 8001 Shennan Road, Shenzhen 518040 China
Place Phone: 
+86 (755) 26655099
Shenzhen Bicycle Rental System Starts Trial Operation

Residents can also use their Transcard (or Shenzhen Tong) to rent.

“Riding a bicycle is environmentally friendly, convenient and healthy,” said a resident in the district, surnamed Jia.


Shenzhen Daily, Li Hao reported that "THE city’s first government-funded bicycle rental system has started trial operation in Yantian District.

    The system is composed of a management center, service stations and bicycle rental stations, the Daily Sunshine reported Thursday."

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International Car Rrental Giants Hertz Hand BYD Electric Cars

f-paper reported that "The world's largest car rental brands together in Shenzhen Hertz and BYD announced a strategic partnership, strengthening cooperation in new energy applications, Hertz will introduce BYD's E6 electric car production to its car rental fleet.


Hertz, general manager of China Hu Mao said, Hertz will be in Shenzhen, Shanghai and Beijing pilot electric car rental business, after Hertz in Europe and the United States to launch electric car rental business.

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Which 4 star Hotel do you think is the best value in Futian ?

Hi I am looking at a long term stay in Shenzhen. I was wondering if anyone could advise me the best way to do this ?


Is a Hotel the answer, a serviced apartment of a rental property ?


I am probably looking for 6 months but want flexibility if I have to change my plans after say 2 months !



Trial Public Bicycle Rental Scheme Launched in Shekou, Shenzhen has an article named Trial Public Bicycle Rental Scheme Launched in Shekou, Shenzhen:

Public bicycles can be rented in Shekou from September 22nd onwards. Currently, 16 places have been set up, where 350 bicycles are available for use. 

Leasing: Those wishing to lease a bike simply need to take their ID card and go to Shanghai Yongjiu Public Bicycle Customer Service Centre, which is located in Garden City Community Service Centre (花园城中心社区). Shenzhen permanent residents need to pay a 100 RMB deposit and non-Shenzhen permanent residents must pay a 300 RMB deposit to avail of the rental card.


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