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The Snake pit "Shekou Sports and Social Club"
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Our History

The first established expatriate bar in China founded in Shekou, over  30 years ago, when it was just a small fishing village. The birth of the Snake Pit was due to China’s first Joint Venture with multi-national oil drilling and rig service companies, which came from as far away as Texas, Scotland and Scandinavia. The most hardened, tough, weather-beaten engineers were sent over to start drilling in the South China Sea in the mid 80s. Read more »

Address & Contact

Address and contact information:
Place Address (English/Pinyin): 
Shekou Sea World, District C, Shop 117
Place Phone: 
+86 130489743180
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With 32 taps, NBeerPub Shenzhen will offer not only all of our own beers, including limited editions, seasonals and our newest barrel-aged creations. But up to a dozen taps will continue our mission to promote Chinese craft beer as a whole with the best selections nationwide - this time with a focus on southern China. And not to worry - a carefully curated selection of world class imported craft beers will also find their way onto these tap handles!

We would nonetheless be remiss if we didn't also include a premium selection of bottled beers, plus a steadfast commitment to accompany your drinks with our tasty pub grub offerings!  The bustling metropolis of Shenzhen deserves nothing less!

Address & Contact

Address and contact information:
Place Address (English/Pinyin): 
OCT LOFT Building A2, No.101, Nanshan District, Shenzhen
深圳南山华侨城创意园北区A2栋101 (Shenzhen Nanshan Chuang Yi Yuan Bei Qu A2 Dong 101)
Place Phone: 
+86 18126211699/ +86 18126211698
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Taps Brewpub
Tue September 19th

TAPS Nanshan Food and Beer Pairing #2
Taps Brewpub
Tue September 26th

Bionic Brew

Bionic Brew is an independent brewery started in one of the world's biggest urban villages - Baishizhou.

Bionic Brew Mantra: Extraordinary craft and service”

Our taproom is small, cozy, and friendly. We built it for beer lovers, artists, musicians, vagabonds, and the people of the world that make life colorful. Bring cash, WeChat pay, or Bitcoin, no plastic accepted. Read more »

Address & Contact

Address and contact information:
Place Address (English/Pinyin): 
SHAHE JIE PEDESTRIAN STREET, BAISHIZHOU, NANSHAN DISTRICT, SHENZHEN, GUANGDONG Our Baishizhou taproom is about a 5 min walk north from Baishizhou subway station exit A. Walk straight up Shahe Jie and once you get to a long white wall that guards a huge construction site you’ll see many restaurants on the right side of the road. There’s one strip on the right side with a white tile floor and no cars on this road and many BBQ type restaurants. We’re in there next to NYPD Pizza and Peko Brewing is next door.
Place Phone: 
+86 (755) 13612864731
Top Places to Go for Trivia Night
Where do you find a bar or restaurant doing trivia night?

Many times when you're living in a big city or visiting a big city it becomes hard (sometimes) to find a great spot to mingle and make new friends. Shenzhen has become a great hub full of weekly restaurant events, white collar mingles, beach parties, pool parties – and the list goes on. These types of events are great when you're planning to go out with some friends, however, if you are a last minute planner who decides at the end of the day to find somewhere fun to mix and mingle, quiz nights are for you. Luckily, there is a growing community of quiz night locations all over Shenzhen that is perfect for making new friends, winning great prizes or enjoying quiz night specials. Read more »

Mothers Day Dinner
George & Dragon British Pub
Sun May 14th
call us: +86-755-3395-5850