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Expat working offshore

Good morning all


Could you possibly advise if an expat, staying in China, has to pay Chinese Tax if he goes to work on a vessel offshore China, but within Chinese waters.


Many thanks


Steve C

Looking for Advice Please



I am looking for advice from one of two sources, either:


1) An expat who works in the offshore industry and lives in China, and has done work within Chinese waters




2) Recommendations on an English speaking tax expert that I can go to see


Any help gratefully received




Steve C

Female Artist Ding Hui's Oil Painting Exhibition

女画家丁 晖(fish)油画个展.
Artist(Female): Ding Hui solo show.

“Red Wien”series--The love between animals and human!

红 酒,在Ding Hui“Red wine”系列中是一个有寓义的符号,“红酒杯举向哪里,哪里就没有了战争",是和平,生活品质的精神图腾.只有重视和尊重人与所有生命的关系,人类社会 才会真正得以变得文明和进步.呼吁与各类物种和谐相处和人性的彻底解放,画家以象征的手法,激情演绎了跨越物种大爱的浪漫表现主义情怀!

Animals are loving and inspiration to artist, She get touched by how curious and innocent they were and the loyalty warm they giving,its a huge gift to human.

She creative original artwork also in the jewelry fashion area , loves and lives for art, alwyas seeks own unique way for freedom and
happiness to gives soul for her's work. Read more »

Dafen Oil Painting Village
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Dafen Oil Painting Village

Fancy yourself an art lover ... but missed out on our your favorite Dali or Rembrandt in the latest silent auction?

Never fear, it happens to the best of us...OR... you could just swing by Dafen Oil Painting Village and pick up your sweet-art for as good as a song (with a bit of bargaining prowess of course).  Read more »

Address & Contact

Address and contact information:
Place Address (English/Pinyin): 
Oil Painting village, Buji, Longgang District, Shenzhen (see instructions above for how to get there by subway.)
Place Phone: 
0755 2888-1307
call us: +86-186-7677-0910