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Live Band Performance

EMW 10th Anniversary Wine Festival Shenzhen
Event Date: 
Nov 13 2013

With more than 150 wines from the best wine regions and 25 winery representatives and owners meeting us face to face,  EMW 10th Anniversary Wine Festival (Shenzhen) successfully brought a world of colors and aromas to our glasses. 

Shenzhen Concert Hall
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Shenzhen Concert Hall is one of the most important symbolic cultural architectures in Shenzhen. Located in the central area of Futian District, it covers a surface area of 26,345 square meters and a construction area of 41,423 square meters. The architecture is designed by Arata Isozaki, a famous Japanese avant-grade architect, who enjoys a reputation in the international construction field. It is a modern and professional concert hall specifically designed and constructed for music performance.

One of the most advanced concert hall in China with pure natural acoustics Read more »

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2016 Fuzhong 1st Rd.
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+86 (755) 8284 1888 82841848(English)
call us: +86-186-7677-0910