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Seeking a producer or publisher of language learning materials

I am looking for a suitable producer or publisher about the foreign language learning products for the markets in China.
Then we'd like to retail or wholesale this product here.
Currently I am working in the education field.

Anybody speaks Spanish?

I just arrived in Shenzhen and am looking for friends or language exchange partners who speak Spanish. I can speak English, Mandarin and Spanish. I travel all over Shenzhen regularly but am mostly living in Nanshan.


It would be awesome if we could go for a coffee, a walk or go for some meals together. I am looking forward to making new friends in Shenzhen :)

Looking for a Japanese teacher/tutor,找日语老师/家教

Hello everyone,


I am looking for a Japanese teacher to teach me Japanese one on one. I prefer a native speaker but wouldn't shy away from a Chinese Japanese speaker if their level is high enough. English is not necessary for this job as I would prefer the class be taught in Chinese. If you think you can help or know someone who can feel free to get in touch with me and we can discuss compensation and times. Thanks!


WeChat: Brennan_K

Cell: 1860 307 9577




我想学习日语,我在找一个日语老师给我教一对一种的课程。我宁愿跟跟日本本地人来学习但是如果是能说好日语的中国人的话我可能也不会介意。为这个职位高的英语能力也不必要,因为我也宁愿用中文来学习日语。如果你觉得你适合这份工作的话,或者认识能帮助我的人请尽管联系我,然后我们就可以谈谈价格和合适的时间。 谢谢!




微信:Brennan_K Read more »

Architecture and English teaching staff the real architectural language.

Is there a firm who wants to upgrade their staff.


Does talking to Chinese women in Chinese help or hurt a foreign man's chances with them?

I've noticed quite a few laowai (mostly white) men dating or married to Chinese women, both in China and the US. With very few exceptions, the men in question can only say "ni hao" and "xiexie." On the other hand, my Mandarin/Cantonese language skills, my salary (which I only disclose when asked), my looks and my personality can only get me first dates. Am I shooting myself in the foot by speaking Chinese in the first place? Would I have better luck if I pretended to be another monolingual English-speaking foreigner?

Anyone wants to learn Chinese or just being nice ><

Hi I'm applying for American colleges this year, and I'm a DIYer so I don't have any agence to revise my essays. I desperately needs a native speaker who can look over my essays, correct my grammar mistakes, and give me some adivice on structure and content. If some of you native spearkers would be willingly to do so I'd be so appreciate! I promise it won't take long. Come on nice people show up, I need you guys :p

learn Chinese one to one!!

Hi, I'm Yuki and I'm recently a senior in highschool. I'm planning to go to the state for further education next fall and before that I would like to do some part time job to make up the living expense. I have a few volunteering teaching experience plus I'm a native speaker. So I'm wondering if any Englisher speaker would like to polish your Chinese speaking? We will do it one to one, and I hope we both will enjoy. Please feel free to email me at for further question.

COTALK Language Center.Mandarin. Cantonese. Business. HSK
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COTALK LANGUAGE CENTER is committed to teaching Chinese as aforeign language. We are professional and the lessons are interesting which include Oral Chinese, Business Chinese, Cantonese, HSK and TSC. We also offer courses in English, Korean, Japanese and Spanish. Students who come from various countries study here,they have a strong desire to learn languages. If you are interested in it too, come to join us!


Address & Contact

Address and contact information:
Place Address (English/Pinyin): 
1. No.1912, 19 floor, block A, Reith Center(the tall golden building), Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China. Subway Station: Windows of the World Exit C1 2. 5C 508 Seascape square , D exit seaworld metro station, Taizi Road 18, shekou , Nanshan
1.深圳市南山区瑞思中心(金黄色大楼)A栋19楼1912,世界之窗地铁站C1出口 2. 南山区蛇口海上世界D 出口,太子路18号海景广场5C 508
Place Phone: 
looking for a teacher

looking for a french teacher..


pls contact me by my QQ,or MSN





School/Class that teaches Cantonese?

I don't know any schools/institutions that offer cantonese courses, does anyone know any?

Contact us via email at or by scanning the QR code: