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Giovanni’s is a non-descript little Italian restaurant tucked away on a Shekou backstreet, however don’t let looks deceive you, this food is for real.  Davis the owner and chef has 12 years’ experience as a chef in 5-star hotel kitchens in China, and trained under some top-quality Italian chefs.  Now on his own, he decided to set up shop and do what he likes best, cook good food. 


It's a small venue fitting 16-20 people maxmium, and it is quite easy to miss as it nestled in a long street of stores and restaurants. The owner is very friendly and will likley welcome you with open arms

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Address & Contact

Address and contact information:
Place Address (English/Pinyin): 
no. 61 Shangle street, Haichang Commiunity, shekou street, Nanshan
Place Phone: 
+86 (755) 13412591228
Braceria Pugliese
Braceria Pugliese provides authentic Italian Dishes from the Puglar part of Ital

Braceria Pugliese is an authentic Italian restaurant and wine bar with dishes originating from the Puglia region of Italy. Read more »

Address & Contact

Address and contact information:
Place Address (English/Pinyin): 
Shui wei 5th street 62 Futian
Place Phone: 
Black+Blue Brings Western Favorites to Shekou
Black+Blue brings western burger, pasta, pizza and more to Shekou

Black + Blue has been open in Shekou for almost a year. One of the owners, Jet, is originally from Taiwan and came to the mainland towards the end of July last year. Shortly after his arrival, his current partner invited him to join in on a restaurant idea in Shekou. They wanted to make a vibrant combination menu including western style dishes which would include a strong push on Italian cuisines such as pizzas and pasta. From this concept came the creation of Black + Blue. Black + Blue focuses on pizzas and spaghetti but also has an assorted menu of brunch items, steaks, burgers, salads, and sandwiches.

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Jazzy Sunday Brunch at Duke's of The Langham, Shenzhen
Langham's Dukes provides a chef driven Sunday Brunch with Live Jazz

Taking Sunday Brunch to a New Level with Classic Jazz

Shenzhen is fast becoming a hub of fine dining as many expats seeking new opportunities flood in from France, Italy, Mexico and all over the world. This has sparked a rise in Shenzhen’s diversity thus, giving birth to a wide range of foreign restaurants uniquely themed to fit your preference.   Read more »

The 'Nino" Experience at BLUE, Venice Hotel
At BLUE, dining is more then just an eating experience, but a life experience

When Food Becomes an Experience

If you have been around Shenzhen China a bit, you will quickly notice that finding something to fill your stomach with is not hard. Shenzhen is overcrowded with street vendors selling everything from fried bread, pork fat and roasted potatoes to steaks, roasted chickens, and kababs. Restaurants are on every street corner competing with one another to the point where finding a place to eat becomes difficult – not due to the lack of choice – but due to too many choices to choose from.

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An Interview with Nino - Chef at Blue Italian Seafood & Grill Restaurant
An Interview with Nino - Chef at Blue Italian Seafood & Grill Restaurant

The Pasta Craze in China

Shenzhen China is a rapidly growing city and is slowly becoming more and more diverse as many migrate from their home countries to seek a better life in the ever-growing Chinese economy. This spanks much diversity within the local culture as new ideas from other countries spawn new restaurants, bars and other international forms of entertainment.

One culture that is quickly growing in China is the Italian culture. Many Chinese owned restaurants are now offering pasta, pizza and their own versions of spaghetti, or lasagna. This craze was started when many Italians moved into China bringing their pasta dishes with them and leading five star restaurants. Read more »

A Must Try Pig Roast at George & Dragon British Pub
George and Dragon British Pub in Shekou Shenzhen China

Bringing British Love to Shenzhen China

Lets face it, if your new to China, you probably have had the “meltdown” that many foreigners experience when they realize many of the home style staple foods are no where to be found and the restaurants who try to offer it will introduce what would appear to be a bad copy or desperate attempt. Almost like the copy eggs you can find in China (yes they exist) that may have the outside look but you’ll quickly there’s nothing “egg” about it upon first bite (speaking of personal experience here). Read more »

Meet May Wine & Cheese Event Master Chef Nino
Shenzhen Wine & Cheese Event

When you join us for the next Shenzhen Wine & Cheese Club event on May 14th, at the Venice Hotel, you will be in for a special treat.  The menu is being prepared by Chef Antonino (Nino) Scordo.  Nino hails from Ragusa, Sicily and brings 15 years of authentic Italian cooking to the kitchen of Blue Italian Seafood and Grill Restaurant. 

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