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Shenzhen University !!! Need contact in English Department please !!! ;-)

Greetings Everyone !


HELP PLEASE !!!  ;-)


Is someone a student at Shenzhen Universtiy ?

Did you go to school there before ?

Do you know anyone going to school there now ?


I am looking for the Dean or Head of the English department at SU !


Does anyone know them or have email or contact or other ?


I have internships available at my School for translation work, office work and education field. 


Can anyone help ?



Danish/Chinese looking for internship at hotel restaurants in China

Is it possible to find a hotel/restaurant, who would take in chef's school students under internship?

I was born and raised in Denmark by Chinese parents, but I do not speak mandarin though, only Chiu Chow dialect.

I have family and relatives in Shenzhen, and I look for a kitchen, who can speak english.


Is that possible here in China?

Got an internship offer in Shenzhen!

Hello, I am Francesco from Italy. First of all this looks like a very cool website! so I've got this 1 year internship offer as a retail and event manager in OCT, Shenzhen. I've got 1 year experience as a software manager and online marketing manager as an undergraduate, plus  a 6 months internship as a marketing assistant in a company in milan. I have a bachelor in economics and master degree in marketing. they're offering 5000k/month plus free housing. I'm wondering if that is a good offer considering my background and also that it is an internship (although it looks like a lot of responsebilities).


what do you all think?

Searching a job or internship in Shenzhen

Hi, my name is Susi, coming from Berlin (Germany) and I plan to stay in Shenzhen for a few month.
Therefor I'm searching for a job or internship for graphic- or webdesign, which is paid-up. Other jobs withaout any special education needed are also appreciated.
Maybe someone has an advice or an offer.

Best regards,
call us: +86-755-3395-5850