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Hong Kong

Shekou and Hong Kong Airport Ferry Schedules
Shekou and Hong Kong Airport Ferry Schedules

Ferry Timetables (Please note that this is only for reference for any enquiry please visit xunlong shipping)

Shekou and Hong Kong

Shekou and Macau

Shekou and Zhuhai

Shekou and Hong Kong Airport

Shenzhen Airport and Hong Kong Airport

Shenzhen Airport and Macau

[Shenzhen Airport to Zhuhai]( Read more »

Choosing Right Address for HK Company

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Ready to get a Hong Kong company address?

Wondering what the best option is for your business? Does it even matter? How will it affect your bank account applications and customer acquisition positioning?

Today, we are going to dig in a bit and see what considering

Getting a Hong Kong address Read more »

If I Were To Move to Hong Kong Today (Plus Cost of Living)

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Thinking to move to Hong Kong?

Wondering what the prices are and how much you would need to live here – then today’s guide is perfect for you.

Let’s discuss what action steps and budget we would need to move to Hong Kong today.

Update April 2017: Prices have changed since writing this piece, there isa great comment in the bottom about recent prices. Please add your feedback to help others too. Read more »

Hong Kong to/from China Border Crossing Guide

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Oh, the Hong Kong and China border.

How I love thee!

I have crossed the Hong Kong border up to four times per week at certain times. Read more »

Hong Kong Company Upkeep Costs: Audits & Accounting

Have a Hong Kong company setup but still confused about what exactly the ongoing fees that are required to keep it going?

Today’s guide is for you!

We are digging into the nitty gritty of what you need to do to keep your Hong Kong Limited company in good standing.

If you do not yet have a Hong Kong company and want to learn more about the costs of setting up and the overall process, please check out extensive Hong Kong setup guide free guide. Read more »

Dr. David Cosman Brings His Chiropractic Services to Shekou
First Chiropractic brings a mix of health services to Shekou

David Cosman, Doctor of Chiropractic & Sports Science – Hong Kong and Shenzhen.


In China, the comfort-lifestyle for western expats includes food; familiar food.  “It’s not home, but it’s good enough” some might say and Shenzhen is indeed blessed in that way.  When it comes to health care, things get a little more serious with less experimentation.   Finding and knowing a decent chiropractor in Shenzhen is a true comfort for many who limit themselves to western medications or find that their Chinese Traditional Medicine sessions didn’t help this time around.   

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Hong Kong Business Traveler’s Guide: For Your First Visit to HK!

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Looking for tips on your first trip to Hong Kong? Look no further!


I have been meeting readers visiting Hong Kong more and more lately, and Dimitri suggested that I make a blog for readers visiting Hong Kong for the first time on a short-term business trip.


I can relate; I remember being totally confused and overwhelmed – Hong Kong was my first destination in Asia and I was scrambling around everywhere trying to figure it out.

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[Winner Announcement] Road to Ultra Hong Kong is very proud to hold a contest for [Ticket Giveaway] Road to Ultra Hong Kong ticket giveaway. We are pleased to announce that the winner of the contest is as below. Congratulations!!


Andri Kozh

Congratulations to the winner above!! :) Also, a big thanks to everyone who attended the contest. We look forward to seeing you all at our next contest in the future. Be prepared, you just might be the next winner!!

ShenZhen to Hong Kong

Hello Guys, I am now in China in Kunming city. I want go to Hong kong. I have visa only for China not for Hong Kong. So any one can be help me to enter to Hong Kong without VISA?

or From where I can get hong kong visit visa from Kunming city...


If any one can help me for that it will be good for me. 

Thank you

Nasir Uddin


I thought my tourist visa allowed me to stay 90 days in china before having to leave and re-enter but now i realize it was infact only 60 days.
My visa expired on the 17th of July meaning I have been here 4 weeks over my allowed time.
I was happy to pay the fine however much it would be but I am now being told that my visa will be cancelled when I leave China.
Can anyone confirm if this is true or not?
If this is the case does this also mean I cannot apply for a new visa for 2 years?
Would it be possible to pay the fine at the border control and have them not cancel my current 90 tourist visa?
Desperately looking for some advice as each day will be costing me more money to stay in the country.
call us: +86-186-7677-0910