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Hong Kong

Outdoor Activities in Hong Kong
Palm Beach teepees

The high temperatures may well put you off doing much activity in Hong Kong during the summer, but as autumn is on its way, maybe it's time to get outdoors for a bit. Here are a few suggestions for you to enjoy the great outdoors in HK.


The Peak Get up there by cab, bus or tram, it's up to you. For the scenic route, take the tram, but only if you have plenty of time and money. It is famous for its beautiful view of busiest part of HK surrounding the Victoria Harbour. Up there, you can have a walk in the park and trail, where you will find the best spot for taking photos and for free.

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Hong Kong
Shenzhen and Shekou Party: Apartment Rentals, Bars, Restaurants, Real estate, Jobs, Events, Hotels in Guangdong, China
A Day Out in Hong Kong
Hong Kong Skyline

Let's say that you have 24 hours to spend in HK, where would you go? Let's also assume that you like to sleep in, because getting up early is no fun if you're just looking to play. So where should you go after you cross over at Lo Wu or Lok Ma Chau? Just stay on the KCR until you get to Shatin.


Most people have already gone to Lantau Island to see the Big Buddha, but here’s something slightly different. Located just around the corner from the KCR station, check out the Ten Thousand Buddha Monastery. There are plenty of steps to walk up too, so make sure you go before it gets too hot.

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Free Seminar on "Global Marketing Strategy" cum OneMBA Information Session 2012 (in Shenzhen)

Free Seminar: Global Marketing Strategy

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hong kong restaurant

Can anybody advice me some good HK restaurants here in Shenzhen?


Address in English and Chinese with telephone number is appreciated.





Grandmaster Flash - April 21st
Sat April 21st

Jason Mraz "Tour Is A Four Letter Word" Live in HK
Asiaworld-expo, Hong Kong
Sun June 24th

Lo Wu (Luohu) Border was on fire yesterday night

Lo Wu (Luohu) Border was on fire yesterday (April 16, Monday) night at around 8pm. The border was then closed and a lot of passengers were detained. They were adviced to go to other borders like Futian Border.

Firefighters arrived soon after the fire was found. The fire was put out at around 4am, April 17, TUE. Lo Wu (Luohu) Border was in rush repairs afterward. It is said to be return to normal today (April 17).


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New tariff doesn’t dampen HK shopping

Article from: Shenzhen Daily,

By: Li Hao.


    A REVISED tariff on inbound items, which took effect Sunday and includes a rise in dutiable prices and tax rates of some commodities, appears not to have had a big impact on local residents, an increasing number of whom go shopping in Hong Kong.

    The weekend saw crowds of local residents heading to Hong Kong and returning with big bags.

    According to the revised tariff, many cosmetics have seen an increase in their dutiable prices but no change to a 50-percent tax rate. The dutiable price of perfume has risen from 100 yuan (US$15.84) to 300 yuan per bottle.

jetski ride in Shenzhen

I am looking for informations about riding a jetski in Shenzhen or Hong Kong. I know that in Hong Kong a license from the marine department is required with a long waiting list and high costs (is there an easier way for foreigners with a german shipping license). Who knows about the regulations in mainland? Where can i rent a jetski around Shenzhen which I can ride by mysel (Sheraton Dameisha offers one but not alone riding)?
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