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Futian Boardgames Tuesday Night
Tue April 02nd

Baking Products

Hi, does anyone know where to buy good baking ingredients? Is there any shops in Luohu? Also some kitchen/ baking tools...

Star wars X-wing club
Fatmantis Gaming
Sun January 24th

Weekend hobbies

Hi - I am a new member and would need some advice on the following. I live in Hong Kong but spend most weekends in Shenzhen (friday evening through Sunday afternoon). I am interested in taking up hobbies on Saturday in Shenzhen area but do not know how to go about it.


My interests are in:


- cooking classes (specifically western desserts such as baking cakes)

- learning to play the saxaphone

- ballroom dancing


Can you please help?

Many thanks,




Hi, just moved to shataujiao in Yantian area.  Only working part-time at the moment, so have alot of spare time on my hands.  Can anybody recommend any hobby/cooking classes I can attend, sports I can play, etc??
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