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Chinese Green Card

Hello All,


I heard from a friend that since August 2016 Guangdong province considerably lowered the requirements for getting a China green card.


Before the requirements were pretty steep, like for instance investing > USD 500.000 or having done special deeds for the Chinese people.. now seems that even a few years of regular residence/work permit could be enough.

Looking on the internet, I have (as usual) found conflicting information about the matter.


Anybody has heard anything about it? Or even better.. anybody already tried to apply?

[Trailer] Conquering Southern China

2 Vloggers. 5 Provinces. 5000km. 1 Epic Adventure.

This is Conquering Southern China:

Winston Sterzel - The Original China Vlogger - and his fellow Youtuber, C-Milk, bike through the weirdest and wildest back roads of Southern China.

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Booking Agent - Artistic Agency - Event Productions


If you are:


Male or Female DJ, Dancer, Musician, Singer, Magician, Acrobat or other kind of performer.. Any artist, alone or in group. Please contact us, and let's know about you. Send to your inormations to email: [email protected] (don't forget to add good pictures, personal data, contacts, and if have video also is good).


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What do you think: SZ ranks 4th for happiness in Guangdong

Article from: Shenzhen Daily, By: SD-Agencies.


SHENZHEN was only the fourth-happiest city in Guangdong Province despite boasting the region’s highest GDP, according to a 2010 happiness index released Monday.

The provincial capital of Guangzhou ranked first for happiness, followed by Dongguan and Zhuhai. Results of the index — the first official study released by the province — were based on employment status, income, education, housing and medical care.

Spanish National Day 2011

Spain’s National Holiday, known as Hispanic Day or Fiesta Nacional de España or Dia de la Hispanidad, is celebrated every October 12. This national holiday commemorates the day Christopher Columbus first set foot on America. It is thus related to the Columbus Day celebrations held on the same day and for the same purpose across the Americas.

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World Trade Center Towers still Shenzhen China Theme Park
Windows of the World World Trade Center Towers Shenzhen

In Shenzhen, China, there is a fantasyland where the September 11 tragedy never happened. At the theme park Windows of The World exists a miniature Manhattan. The Fly over America section of the park does not reflect or educate about the tragedy, even ten years later.

The Twin Towers are still standing, misleading the millions of Chinese that visit from their far flung provinces each year. The happy facade of the theme park keeps the visitors ignorant of the tragedy that befell upon the USA. Read more »

18 killed in GD hailstorms

Information Source: Shenzhen Daily

Photo: A tree uprooted in a storm lands on a truck in Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, on Sunday. Xinhua.

Descriptions are quoted as below: Read more »

Hiring and Firing in China: Not What You Expected

Information Source:, by Paul Bacon.
Descriptions are quoted as below:

"Hiring and firing has always been very different here in China compared to back in the west. Countries like the US and UK have long established labour regulations. In China, this is not the case. Until the implementation of new legislation at the start of 2008, the labour market here was virtually lawless and totally unpredictable. However, even with the new laws in effect, hiring and firing can still be a potential minefield. This is especially true for westerners working for smaller operations that lack large legal and HR teams, and for those starting or operating their own business. Read more »

China halves import tax on electrical goods

China Daily has an article named "China halves import tax on electrical goods" by Yan Weijue.
Descriptions are quoted as below:

"China lowered the import tax on electrical products from 20 to 10 percent starting from January 27, 2011, the State Council Tariffs Commission announced on Thursday, Beijing News reported.

Products with reduced import duties include computers and cameras, which means the tax on iPad imports drops from 1000 yuan ($152) to up to 500 yuan ($76).

But video cameras are not included in this category, staying at the 20 percent level.

China's current import duty covers tariff, value added tax and consumption tax.

The commission gave no reason for the import tax revision and said the move has been approved by the State Council." Read more »