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grange grill

Amazing View, Food and Ambiance at Grange Grill at The Westin Shenzhen Nanshan
Grange Grill has amazing Steaks, Seafood and Ambiance

In every big city, there are these certain restaurants that you can go to for a great fine dining experience and beautiful city view. These are located usually on high rises overlooking the city and in America, many times they will have a rotating functionality to them so that while you enjoy your dinner, you are getting a full 360 view of the city. I have to admit that many restaurants I have visited around the world with great city views often had a food experience that was definitely below average. These restaurants would capitalize the location to win their guests while suffering a barrage of negative reviews of the food. Read more »

[Interview] Paul Dodd - Executive Chef at the Westin, Shenzhen Nanshan
Paul Dodd, Executive Chef at the Westin Hotel, Shenzhen

Executive Chef Paul Dodd has worked in countries all over the world and has brought his extensive experience to The Westin, Nanshan. ShenzhenParty spoke to him about his experience and some of the well-known chefs he has worked with.


ShenzhenParty: Thank you for speaking to ShenzhenParty. You've been at the Westin, Shenzhen, since November last year. How are you finding it in comparison to the previous places you've worked? Read more »

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New Year's Dinner @ Grange Grill Westin
Grange Grill
Mon December 31st

2012Christmas Dinner @ Grange Grill Westin
Grange Grill
Mon December 24th

Juicy Chops
Grange Grill
Thu March 01st

Westin is up coming with their May Campaign

Westin is now up coming with their May Campaign.

Seasonal Tastes
* sensational buffet starting from RMB108 Read more »
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