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Where do you like to go shopping in Shenzhen?

Where is your favourite shopping place in Shenzhen and what do you buy there? It can be your favorite small shop or your favorite shopping plaza. Do you know some cool out of the way shop that we should feature?

Free bottle of whisky for foreigners in one of the best disco-bars !!!!

Foreigners who like to have fun can enjoy free drinks in MLSS club. MLSS club is one of the best clubs in Shenzhen. It has 9 years history and has 3 bars in Shenzhen (MInzhi, Longgang and Longhua). It has 2 big halls: one is for performance and shows another is discotheque. All the foreign friends who come here, have a great time. Welcome, everyone!!! To enroll us please contact me.

Soft Opening of Sunset Cafe bar
Sunset Cafe Bar
Sat November 15th

Welcome to Las Vegas @Pepper Club
Sat May 24th

Looking for English Translators



I am a young businessman aged 32,  an importer and i often visit, Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Guangzhou. 



Feeling Club
Thu November 21st
call us: +86-755-3395-5850