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A Big Fun Delightful Day with Dogs : Mission Hills Welcomed “Professor Paws” to celebrate in conjunction with World Animal Day

November 28, Mission Hills Sport & Eco Park welcomed nine “Professor Paws” to celebrate World Animal Day. These pets from Animals Asia’s “Professor Paws” are special therapy dogs that provide loving companionship to people in hospitals and disabled centres, care homes for the young and elderly, and much more. Read more »

any one need a dog/puppy? free!!!

5 new born puppy need to be given to someone who love pets... 

Please contact weichat: ABC-Lee

We are in BaoAn district....

My question about keeping my dog...

Hi all, does anyone has the experience of having a dog in an apartment ? 

I'm going to move to Apartment One in Nanshan District, if anyone knows they are allowed tenant to have a pet ? My dog is a Frenchie..

*Urgent* - Anybody interested in adopting a puppy?

Puppy search a new home!!!

He is male, healthy, 3 month old and crossbreed. Only someone who have enough time to take good care of him! For any further questions, don't hesitate to contact me by phone: 138 237 606 33

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*Urgent* Puppy searching a new home

Anybody interested in adopting a little puppy? I have to find somebody urgent! He is about 2 month, healthy and crossbreed. Please contact me for more details by phone: 138 237 606 33

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Send dog back to Europe



Anybody experience with sending a dog (Shenzhen dog) back to Europe?

Dachshund for sale

Hi all,


I recently bought a 2 month old dachshund from a very reliable pet shop in Nan Shan. The main reason why i got this cute fella was so he could be my Yorkshire Terriers companion (which i also purchased at this pet shop in Nan Shan one year ago) . Little did i know my Yorkie really isn't keen on knowing his friend, guess it's the whole alpha dominating between the two.


They are both males and they don't get along. So I am planning to sell it for 2500rmb, i got it for 3500rmb.


It has been for check up's and has got his first shot already.


Interested parties may come over and have a look. I will also give you all his toys, along with his bed and bowls.

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who want to adopt a doggie?

There is a dog who was abandoned before i picked him . But i'm busy everyday , i want to help him find an another home .He is quite nice,friendly and bark very little .All he need is just a little food and a warm family. If you love dog and promise to take care of him .Then ,you can contact with me . I

Pets show in Jingshan

Article from: Shenzhen Daily,

By: Fan Rong.


Twenty dogs belonging to expat families living in Jingshan Villas in Shekou competed for awards including “best talent,” “running fast” and “eating fast” at a dogs show yesterday afternoon. The “best talent” award went to Nadi and Nacho. Their tricks included sitting down, standing up and rolling over. Luna won the race. Baobao won “eating fast.” The winner of the three games was Charlie (with his owner pictured above).

Click here to check out more info on Shenzhen Daily.

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Dog Boom as Shenzhen China's Attitudes on Pets, Palates Change

CNN International has an article named "Dog boom as China's attitudes on pets, palates change", From Saga McFarland, special to CNN.


Dog is still on the menu in south China, but dog ownership has exploded with Shenzhen's fortunes, as seen by its pet stores.