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Does talking to Chinese women in Chinese help or hurt a foreign man's chances with them?

I've noticed quite a few laowai (mostly white) men dating or married to Chinese women, both in China and the US. With very few exceptions, the men in question can only say "ni hao" and "xiexie." On the other hand, my Mandarin/Cantonese language skills, my salary (which I only disclose when asked), my looks and my personality can only get me first dates. Am I shooting myself in the foot by speaking Chinese in the first place? Would I have better luck if I pretended to be another monolingual English-speaking foreigner?

Where is the Most Romantic Place to Take Your Significant Other on a Date in Shenzhen?

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After posting your answer, please read our article - Romantic Places to Date in Shenzhen.

Romantic Places to Date in Shenzhen
romantic date

Recently some of my friends have asked me what places are romantic to date in Shenzhen. This question is never going to be easy to answer because everyone has his or her own definition of “romantic”. However, according to my own understanding to this city and ideas from some experienced friends, I would like to share some information about dating in Shenzhen

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Date companion

Does anybody know if there is a place in Shenzhen where you can 'hire' somebody to accompany you on a date, like a (business) dinner for example. I am not talking about prostitution just to be clear:)


Is anybody interested in Speed dating and Singles parties?

Hello there,


I just came from Beijing, where I organized lots of singles parties and speed dating. Do you think it can be interesting for people living in Shenzhen?



Me, Myself and I
Shenzhen and Shekou Party: Apartment Rentals, Bars, Restaurants, Real estate, Jobs, Events, Hotels in Guangdong, China
why i cant visit Dating Catagory in Classified

i can access other catagories but when i click on dating it redirect me on people page. how to slove this

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Looking to meet some english speaking Chinese

Hi there, I am from Canada, been living in Shenzhen for 6 months so far, and I'm having a hard time meeting new people. I live in Luohu very near Vi City, would love to get to know some english speaking Chinese, maybe find a girlfriend. Let me know :)

Money Honey: The Cost of Dating in China

Information Source:, by Jessica A. Larson-Wang.

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