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Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year @ HH Gourmet
HH Gourmet
Thu January 30th

Lantern Festival Celebration @ Splendid China
Splendid China Folk Culture Villages
Wed January 01st

Festive Goods in Shenzhen
Festive Goods

Chinese new year is coming. One of the traditional customs is festive goods shopping, which is much similar to Christmas shopping. In Chinese, we call it "Ban Nian Huo" (办年货). Hostesses will use these goods to treat their guests. They also make for a merry atmosphere.

Where to buy these festive goods in Shenzhen?

1. Supermarkets

You can buy those festive goods in most supermarkets in Shenzhen like Walmart, Jusco and Carrefour, etc..

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Traditional Chinese Temple Fair 2014
Mission Hills Resort ▪ Dongguan
Sun February 02nd

How many of you are born in 马(mǎ)年(nián)horse year ?

2014 is horse year 马(mǎ)年(nián)

How many of you  are born in horse year ?

And how many Chinese words or phrases can you think of related to 马(mǎ)horse ?

If you take a look around you can see a lot

Introduce three idioms for expressing your new year wishes to Chinese


The most popular one (super hot now )

1 马上有一切(mǎshàngyǒuyíqiè) wish you get everything soon in the horse year

2 马到功成(mǎdàogōngchéng)   wish you succeed very soon

3 一马当先(yìmǎdāngxiān) very brave to be the first one in front of the others , not afraid of anything

More commonly used  idioms Read more »

Where to organise a Chinese new year party for my staffs?

My company would like to organize a Chinese New Year party for around 40-50 people on Friday January 17th, with dinner, drinks and some sound/stage for speeches and awards. We would like a private space.

The people will stay in an hotel near Shekou Walmart, and we will have a bus, so it does not necessarily need to be in Shekou proper.> There will be only two westerners, most of the people are Chinese managers from Shanghai and Shenzhen.
We are currently thinking of the 3rd floor of McCawley’s in Sea World bit maybe you have some different/newer suggestion?
Thank you for your help!

New Years Eve Set Menu at 360
360° Bar, Restaurant & Lounge
Tue December 31st

CNY Eve Party @ Xpats
Sat February 09th

Happy New Snake @ LAX
Sat February 09th

Five New Shock Performance - Swin Dragon World @ Splendid China
Splendid China Folk Culture Villages
Sun February 10th
call us: +86-755-3395-5850