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Entering America: Obama moves to simplify visa process

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Part of the article is quoted as below:

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Enjoy a dreamy Valentine's Day @ The Westin Guangzhou

Enjoy a dreamy night of love with your honey and indulge in a special romantic night at The Westin Guangzhou.

A romantic dinner is the perfect to discover or rediscover one another. A delicious glass of Taittinger Champagne followed by courses of delicacies especially created for lovers will leave your breathless. She will be thrilled with our small complimentary gift for the evening.

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iPhone 4S Available in Shenzhen, China on January 13th 2012


The iPhone 4S will make its debut in China on Friday, January 13th. That is tomorrow. Apple has been pushing toward a bigger presence in China, after opening stores in Hong Kong and Shanghai

The prices of iPhone 4S in mainland China are: 

4988 RMB for 16-gigabyte  Read more »

Hong Kong Universities Expand to Shenzhen, China

Article published The International Herald Tribune:

Hong Kong Universities Expand to Shenzhen, China

Setting up an outpost in mainland China has become increasingly common for the world’s higher education leaders. From New York University to Stanford, Western institutions are eager to establish a foothold in a country with one of the fastest growing economies. Read more »

Apple Loses iPad Trademark Case in Shenzhen, China

Article by Vivian Ni, published on


"Apple has recently hit a roadblock in its key growth market China, as a local Chinese court rejected the company’s ownership claim of its iPad trademark. The giant California-based technology company may therefore be forced to either change the name of its tablet computer products in China, or pay a large sum as compensation to its Chinese rival.

Apple’s loss in the legal case – where the U.S. company sued the Hong Kong-listed Proview Technology (Shenzhen) for trademark infringement – has been the latest development in a series of back-and-forth lawsuits between the two parties since 2006."

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China’s First Pure Electric Car on Sale in Shenzhen

Photo: BYD e6, from BYD AUTO.

Shenzhen Daily, Li Hao reported that "CHINA’S first pure electric vehicle, BYD e6, went on sale in Shenzhen yesterday.

    The latest product for BYD, a domestic pioneer in developing alternative-energy vehicles based in Shenzhen, the e6 integrates state-of-the-art technology developed in a joint venture between BYD and the U.S.-based Daimler, Shenzhen Economic Daily reported yesterday. Read more »

Working hours of 47 per week in Shenzhen China as opposed to 40 in the UK

Mail Online has an article named"How China sees Britain: 'Sloth-inducing' labour laws and lavish welfare system fuels economic problems", By JASON GROVES

Long hours: Workers sewing Mango jeans in garment factory in city of Shenzhen. Chinese work an average of 47 hours a week, compared with 40 in the UK. Read more »

Train Tickets to be Sold Online

Shenzhen Daily has an article named "Train tickets to be sold online", by Helen Deng: "TRAIN passengers in China will be able to book tickets online by a simple click of the mouse by the end of this year, an upgrade to the country’s outdated method of selling train tickets that is something travelers have been anticipating for years.

    Travelers can log onto, the Web site for the China railway customer service center, to buy train tickets, the Ministry of Railways said Tuesday. (You might need your Chinese friend to help to read all the details as the website is all Chinese.) Read more »