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Kidz with Heart Registration is now open! Double the fun!
Shekou International School (SIS)
Sat March 17th

Hospital or Hotel?
A suite at Shenzhen Far East Women & Children's Hospital

Visiting Shenzhen Far East Women and Children’s Hospital is a pleasant surprise. It is probably the most un-hospital-like hospital in Shenzhen, with rooms – and service – more like that of a hotel. No more long queues or needing to wait hours to see the doctor. Here you will be treated efficiently and with respect, whether Chinese or foreign. Read more »

Children’s Day Dinner Buffet | Nanshan Kitchen
Nanshan Kitchen (Shenzhen Marriott Hotel Nanshan)
Thu June 01st

Dinosaur ZoobyErth Visual & Physical Inc
Guangzhou Opera House
Fri July 14th

Magical World Tour with a Cloud
Nanshan Culture and Sports Center Theatre
Sun April 02nd

Panda’s Home by Immersive Children Theatre T.P.O.
Guangzhou Opera House
Thu March 16th
call us: +86-755-3395-5850