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Dog Boom as Shenzhen China's Attitudes on Pets, Palates Change

CNN International has an article named "Dog boom as China's attitudes on pets, palates change", From Saga McFarland, special to CNN.


Dog is still on the menu in south China, but dog ownership has exploded with Shenzhen's fortunes, as seen by its pet stores.



Universiade Schedule Change Notice: Water Polo

To meet the broadcasting demand of host country, the Water polo match between China and Brazil on Aug 17 will be postponed and 4 related matches will be shifted to earlier time,approved by Competition Schedule Committee.

Source:Universiade Official Website

Please click here to read the full page of Universiade Schedule Change Notice: Water Polo.


What is the cheapest way to send or exchange money from the UK in China?

Hi all, I'm going to Shenzhen next week and would like to change some of my money to RMB. I've got an English and a Chinese bank account. I know I can just use my debit card in China and withdraw RMB from a Chinese ATM, I could also just change my English money at the border crossing at Louhu or I could also go to a bank and wait in a queue. All these options got advantages and disadvantages, my question is how can I get most RMB out of my UK money? 

Shenzhen: Before and After

Randomwire has an article called "Shenzhen: Before and After" Read more »
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