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A Must Try Pig Roast at George & Dragon British Pub
George and Dragon British Pub in Shekou Shenzhen China

Bringing British Love to Shenzhen China

Lets face it, if your new to China, you probably have had the “meltdown” that many foreigners experience when they realize many of the home style staple foods are no where to be found and the restaurants who try to offer it will introduce what would appear to be a bad copy or desperate attempt. Almost like the copy eggs you can find in China (yes they exist) that may have the outside look but you’ll quickly there’s nothing “egg” about it upon first bite (speaking of personal experience here). Read more »

Shengems Episode 4 - All Mod Cons
review, restaurant, Shenzhen, Louhu, British

Welcome to Shengems. A new series here at Shenzhen Party that mines the city's hidden gems.  Delightful dives hidden in plain view that offer great food, drink and other goodness on the cheap.

  Read more »

Hello World!

Did you know that, according to Ethnologue, the reference volume which catalogs the languages of the world,  there are 7,105 known living languages in the world today! Read more »

British Visitor



I am a British (Scottish) male who will be visiting Shenzhen and staying in Shekou in the last week of November. I am visiting the city for business and also with a view to enrolling at Shenzhen University next year. I am interested in meeting fellow British/English speaking people to understand more about living in Shenzhen.


Feel free to leave a message and I will get in contact if you're interested in helping me out.




Album of the Week: XX by the xx (Win Your Prize Here)

The xx (pronounced "the ex ex") is an indie rock band from London, England, United Kingdom, formed in 2005. There were 4 members at the band, but now only there are only 3, they are Romy Madley Croft, Oliver Sim & Jamie Smith.

Their debut album, xx, was released on the Young Turks on 17 August 2009. I have taken a fancy to this album from the first moment I listened to it. The softness of the singer-guitarist Romy Madley impresses me deeply. Her voice is so weak, yet so powerful. Romy's voice takes on a pleasant soft-pop vibe. Read more »

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