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Singers and Musicians of Shenzhen - Beware!

There is a guy in this area named Harvey Shui. He is the manager of "Amigo's" Mexican restaurants in Shenzhen as well as being the manager for what used to be "Beatles Club" at Seaworld Shekou - Now it is called "The Keys Club".  I did a singing show for him on January 7th and then another show on Valentine's night. He never paid me. Keeps promising me that he will pay me, but he still has NOT PAID! Do NOT work for this guy. He calls you brother and then never fullfills his end of your deal. BE VERY WARY of this guy. Rory Penland - SInger

What about board game? --find a new way to have fun


A board game is a game that involves counters or pieces being moved on a pre-marked surface or "board", according to a set of rules. Games may be based on pure strategy, chance (e.g. rolling dice) or a mixture of the two, and usually have a goal which a player aims to achieve.

For more information you can see Board Game in Wikipedia.


I think many of Shenzhen residents are tired of those humdrum entertaining activities in Shenzhen. What could we do in weekend or holidays besides eating outside, watching films or just looking at computer for whole day? Is there any place more than restaurant, KTV, park and shopping mall can we go? Read more »

Halloween review of The Westin Guangzhou

At 9:30pm of October 30th, 2011, the forth Halloween Party by The Westin Guangzhou was successfully held in Qba - a Latin bar and restuarant, attracting many domestic and international guest.


Hotel prepared many claptrap food and drinks, and special menu for Halloween. Such as, Latin Master, Mexican Master, Brain, Jegarita and so on. Most of customers dressed up as wizards, vampires, fairies, Peter Pan and so on and the cute pumpkin lanterns.


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Thanksgiving lift only your spirit @ Seasonal Taste - The Westin Guangzhou

Treat yourself to a memorable and totally relaxing thanksgiving at Seasonal Taste The Westin Guangzhou. Classic thanksgiving menu featured with Turkey, Ham, Mash potato and stuffing take-away.

  • - turkey,RMB168/kg, minimum weight is 5kg
  • - cooked ham, RMB350/kg, minimum weight is 3kg
  • - beef prime ribs, RMB300/kg, minimum weight is 4kg


Book now with The Westin Guangzhou, where you will invigorate your celebration of family and fixings.


Thanksgiving buffet dinner @ RMB358+15%/person

Job Opening: Viva Club- Security (Bouncer)- Only during August

Futian Viva Club is looking for a new security (bouncer) for August during the Asian Games.

Salary: 8.000 RMB to work every Friday, Saturday and any special party day if required. Working time from 10h00PM to 5h00AM. Bar provides you food.

You have to be 'big and strong', at least 6.3ft (1,90m) and live in Shenzhen. Past security or bouncer experience will be a plus.

Send these details below to [email protected]
. Picture;
. E-mail address and phone number;
. Where do you live;
. Why you are a suitable candidate for this position?

The candidate will start on July 29th and will work till the end of the month.

Tavern Bar Grand Opening on July 16th, Saturday

Tavern Bar is to have its grand opening on July 16th, Saturday. Strating from 7pm at night, you will enjoy House Drink "Buy One Get One Free" and Indian Buffet till 10pm in this opening party.

The new bar is just on the 3rd floor above Bombay Indian Restaurant, Sea World, Shekou. It has big screen TV, live sports feed, all sport with English comentry, free wifi, full size pool table, and dart board.

Come and enjoy a night in Tavern Bar!




Fresh - all day dining restaurant - Buy 3 get 1 free

Fresh  - all day dining at Crowne Plaza Guangzhou City Centre

原素全日餐厅 - 广州中心皇冠假日酒店

Internatioanl Buffet Lunch  RMB168/per person    环球自助午餐  人民币168元/每位Features fresh seafood specials, sushi and sashimi, prime meat grilled, asian gourmets + excellent dessert selections offer gourmet pastries and ice-cream.餐厅精心呈现新鲜的海鲜、寿司、刺身、烤肉、亚洲美食和精美甜品(美食糕点和冰激凌)。 Read more »


Helloooo Shenzeng!

I'm a fellow canadian, from Toronto. I own a personal training business and currently on vacation for a few days. My dad works for air canada and ive already been to beijing so Im basically here for the shopping, massages and connection to Thailand after the 15th.

But was wondering if anything is willing to meet up and party around town. or let me know of some party hotspots in the city. only here form the 12th to 15th.




China Bar Scam: Hot Girls, Fake Wine and Big Bucks

Information Source:

Descriptions are quoted as below: Read more »

The Rapscallion Restaurant in Shenzhen is Coming Soon

The Rapscallion Restaurant in Shenzhen---foodies of the world unite is coming soon, in the east side of Gouwugongyuan, just right across the street of COCO Park, along Mintian Road, near Lili Marleen Pub. A big post in red color is telling its coming.

Our users are already telling their friends through word of mouth that they walked by Gouwugongyuan and saw a new restaurant coming. The restaurant targets to open around the mid April and now they are still work on the recruitment aiming at the experienced and English speaking employees.