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% Arabica

% Arabica MixC Shenzhen Bay 2F
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% Arabica MixC Shenzhen Bay 2F

This is the twin store we have in MixC in Nanshan. MixC is a long anticipated high-end and fashionable mall. There will be three different sections in the mall: MixC Collection is dedicated to incorporate bookstores and other lifestyle elements with retail. This section it will be designed by Tomoko Ikegai, the same designer for the worldly renown Tsutaya bookstore. MixC Kitchen will be an open space that includes market, boutique food shops and food related events. MixC Arts will be a 10000m² space that encompasses galleries, theaters, conference halls and artisan shops. Read more »

Address & Contact

Address and contact information:
Place Address (English/Pinyin): 
MixC Shenzhen Bay, Shop 266, 2/F, Nanshan, Shenzhen
南山区科苑南路2888号华润深圳万象城 L266号商铺 % Arabica・深圳万象城2号店
Place Phone: 
call us: +86-186-7677-0910