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Hack the Planet
Marco Polo Shenzhen
Tue August 14th

Announcement: I’m Going Back Into E-Commerce: An Amazon FBA Real-Time Case Study

The original article is found here:


We are starting a new e-commerce division at Global From Asia. We will be starting a new brand in a category on Amazon and sharing the progress on a weekly update with the community. Global From Asia started out as a Hong Kong business podcast in late 2013 and has evolved more and more into helping Amazon FBA and cross-border e-commerce businesses. So let’s get back involved ourselves in the industry and share it with the world.

Plus I am sick and tired of everyone I talk to afraid to share what their product is. You will see our product, our brand website, and the actual ups and downs (hopefully more ups than downs!) from beginning to scale. Read more »

Launching a Book - Destination: China on Amazon

I'm excited to announce I have just released my first book on Amazon - titled Destination: China - I remember coming to Shenzhen back in late 2007 and being told that Shenzhen Party is the place to go for all my needs, its where I found a lot of the apartments and staff that I mention in this very book.

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Who advice me how to place products on

Hi All, 


Last week I tried to put products on however I think I do something wrong :(

Is there anyone is Shekou who can show me how to do it? 

Much appreciated!


Thanks, dominique


Need help to get a book for a reward

Good day,

I failed to order a book from Amazon. Apparently they don't ship to my location, which is China, Shenzhen.

This is the book:

Creative Curriculum for Preschool (Paperback)
by Diane Trister Dodge, Laura J. Colker
4th edition

Should anyone coming to Shenzhen from US, Canada or able to help me to get the book please contact me. Reward guaranteed.
call us: +86-755-3395-5850