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Judiaosha Beach


Judiaosha is located by the glamorous Judiao Bay. Enclosed by mountains on 3 sides and facing the sea, it is the coastal holy resort in the eastern part of Shenzhen. Seen from the map, the entire beach is like a new moon embedded on the blue ocean under the blue sky. With the finest sand among all the beaches, Judiaosha is one of the most beautiful beaches of Shenzhen. The sand grain here is fine and pure and the coastline is stretching endlessly long; the locals name it the “silver beach”. Along the seaside, trees are lined up and the soft breezes are intoxicating. Tall trees stretch far into the sea and with the shade they provide, here is the best camping site and an ideal place for holidays on the coast.

The warmth and romance of the Judiaosha beach is unparalleled elsewhere. The beach is not particularly spacious, but with fine, silvery sand and the dazzling, azure sea water that makes it a place of lingering fun. By the side of the beach are large, shady trees with a strange name: beef wood. The warm romance of the beach actually comes from the lovers who walk and dance on it. They linger on the beach, whisper to each other, have barbeques and listen to the waves, or they watch each other in silence, just for the sake of the much-desired tranquility. It is a place where even a leaf has its own romance, so why not come here and enjoy the sweet moment of your own?

Ticket Info: Daytime: 15 RMB, 10 extra for parking overnight; RMB 30 as administrative fee for camping

Activities: Swimming, Camping, Fishing, Boat Rides,  Beach Volleyball, Outdoor Activities, BBQ.


1) Bus - Judiaosha Stop (Chinese: 桔钓沙站)

Buses can reach Xichong Workers Resort Beach: No. M274

You can take No. 360 Bus from the city center to Nan’ao Street and transfer by Bus No. M274 to the Yangmeikeng direction.

2) Self-drive

Yanba Express — Kwai Chung — Yanba Express The traffic lights (Turn left onto the highway) — Not on the high-speed straight — Nan'ao Expressway — Pass for two tunnels — Cross Expressway — Judiaosha