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Return to Shenzhen - must improve language and get to travelling around china more

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afternoon! from {please use link below}
Seeking primarily for a LANGUAGE AND CULTURALLY AWARE CHAT AND TRAVEL PARTNER, My mandarin NEEDS to be improved was better a lack of use and practice does this, when i travel around china before it was a real baptism of fire, ha aha
a happy an out going personality i have traveled many places and now need to do a few more creative things in Shenzhen and Pan Asia. i have now began blogging and enjoy it with a passion, so maybe someone with similar interest would be great to exchange ideas and get some traction. you can give me your opinion on if you wish
don't feel uncomfortable with this mail it's just to get my point across honestly and directly
i have recently returned from UK to Shenzhen, everyone i knew has disappeared, understandably after a 1 year break. i am open to just meeting and spending some time with like-minded individuals sharing common and uncommon interests, activities or romantic settings
i am not seeking marriage, well not now. so this is a just means of interacting and finding out what i missed this last year, what's in the groove and what is then life scenes now
i don't fancy regular clubs and the bars, it's not Where I want to pick up again, time has moved on and maybe some cooking, reading, jokes and walks up Nanshan shang or Wutong shang, bike rides and similar activities, library too lets not be uneducated, lol
some local sightseeing and visits, like dafu paintings,?

week days or weekends i can make free as i work as a blog writer and article writer.
{phone number hidden}: mobile/ whatsapp
wechat: olieben

see you soon
{please use link below}

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