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1.China is so optimistic that it will become the world's largest economy and so on,will have the ability to lead the world civilization. Unfortunately, even if China's GDP ranks the first in the world, English is the primary language of communication during important international activities, and the most major civilization is recorded in English.
2.Americans do not stop Indians from stealing technologies. The number of technologies stolen by Indians is 60 times that did by Chinese. In India, the unresolved conflicts, the market environment and the stage of economic development, led to cash flow generated by those technologies will eventually flow back to the United States.
3.Silicon Valley, Boston, London, and Shenzhen, have the ability to be the most competitive cities in the future. However, the final competition will fall in Silicon Valley and Shenzhen.

those are my own inside that means if we can make friend exchange opinion, noy just lanuage, what is more is economics history of world , and some kind of chinese wisdom , investor's philophy from Baffeit over 12 years experience in finance; work experience from silicon valley , boston, so I'm going to some where outside china, to be an investor, so please if you are interesting about history , eoconoics, financial, corporate venture, Ok , let's talk make friend!!!

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