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3/5 Magic Talk Speaker Series Event: Unleash Your Inner Badass

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Tuesday, March 5th, 2019
Event Time: 19:00-22:00 (3 hours)
Topic: Unleash Your Inner Badass
A Guide to Transforming Yourself Through Work and Fitness
Speaker主讲人 (speech & discussion ): Jim Fields

Jim Fields is the co-founder and CEO of relay Video, Relay has been involved in some of the biggest cross-border projects originating in China, including assisting in the IPOs of PinDuoDuo, Meituan-Dianping, Tencent Music Entertainment, and many other wells known Chinese internet companies. Fields began his career in Silicon Valley at Adobe and have also worked at Nokia, StudioOutput and Reckitt Benckiser in Beijing.

Fields’ focus has been on helping Chinese tech brands creatively and effectively communicate and engage with Western audiences. His work has gained millions of views across various platforms, both in China and internationally.

Besides his work in the marketing and advertising industry, Jim is very active in the fitness industry, having spent time personally studying and learning about powerlifting, meal planning, and bodybuilding. Jim participated in his last Men’s Physique bodybuilding show in August 2018. Jim also currently works as the CMO of LiftOn, a fitness meal planning and personal training business based in Shenzhen.

Through his work in the advertising and fitness industry, Jim has learned a lot about how to build your body and mind while navigating a busy professional career.
In this talk, Jim will share some lessons about how to improve your mental and physical health while also working to enhance your personal career prospects.

Speaker Introduction: 19:30-20:00
Group Discussion with Speaker: 20:00-22:00
Fee费用:50 RMB (includes one free drink)
Address地址:高新园地铁B口右转50米 (优米咖啡二层)
Hi-Tech Park Subway Station, Exit B (Yomi+ Cafe 2nd Floor)

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Hi-Tech Park Subway Station, Exit B (Yomi+ Cafe 2nd Floor)
Hi-Tech Park

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