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Macbeth will have a cast of 3 actors:

  1. Macbeth-Weyard Sister
  2. Lady Macbeth-Weyard Sister
  3. Banquo-Weyard Sister-Macduff

The company shall begin with Macbeth. When Macbeth is ready we shall perform it twice weekly in small intimate venues around Shenzhen, and begin rehearsing Hamlet; when Hamlet is ready it shall replace Macbeth and we rehearse Othello; when Othello is ready it shall replace Hamlet and we rehearse King Lear; when King Lear is ready it shall replace Othello.

Each play will be approximately 70 minutes.

Only the 3 actors of Macbeth are required for each production, as each play will only use the same 3 actors. There will be no more auditions.

With these 4 plays, the company will be able to look for national and international tours and competitions, as well as presenting the four plays as one single Chamber Shakespeare Cycle, a six-hour epic with three intervals, depicting the evolution of the Shakespeare tragic hero, in the order of Hamet-Macbeth-Othello-King Lear.

The performance area will be a red carpet. There will be no lighting or sound-effects/music. All actors will be dressed simply in black. Those actors not on stage will sit at the side of the carpet.

We are unable to pay actors for rehearsals, but all actors shall receive a percentage of profits from ticket sales of every performance. All tour costs will be paid by the company.

We are looking for actors with
- performance experience
- Shakespeare experience is not neccessary but a knowledge of the plays is certainly an advantage
- an acting range of approximately 25-40
- someone who can commit to the full project

Obviously such a long-term project requires committed actors. If one actor leaves then the whole project falls apart.

We understand actors have full-time jobs. Our rehearsals will be at least twice a week on weekday evenings (availability on weekend afternoons is an advantage), so as to arrange a rehearsal schedule with all 3 actors.

Please note that we do not require any technicians, designers or stage-hands, there are no smaller walk-on parts. Only 3 actors.

If you are interested in this or have any other questions please feel free to contact us.

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