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你好大家我的名字是石坚。 我想找一个语言交换朋友。如果说你可以帮助我的普通话或者广东话口语。。。。我可以帮助你你的英语口语/读书/写英语 。。。 都有可以。


(我有老婆但是我觉得奴人比男人好 --- 谢谢)

p.s. - We help each other... 百分之五十/百分之五十。。。 50/50.。。。 普通话和英语。 / not top heavy English or Chinese -

  • 我从来美国USA)-

apparently my description needs to be at least 25 word... - thought I wrote more than 25 words (汉字词)。
About me: like a lot of Chinese people who study a foreign language (for example English) I simply need to practice speaking and am looking for a girl/women/female friend whom I can practice with an help. - Guys are ok yet sometime impatient and condescending when practicing. Not my style .Thanks!!

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