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English language immersion for kids via iPad

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There is a huge unmet demand for English language instruction for kids in Shenzhen. I found a wonderfully cheap, fun and effective way of teaching kids English, and I would like to share it with you.

E-learning is disrupting traditional education. Via the iPad, it is now possible to cheaply expose a Chinese child to hours of entertaining and interactive English content daily. Combined with regular contact with an English-language conversation partner, this approach can rapidly lead to bilingual fluency.

My Chinese wife and I have tried this approach with my 2.7-year-old daughter, and found that instead of us teaching her, she teaches us rhymes, songs, and words. Her brain is bursting with creative and imaginative ideas. Talking with her is lots of fun. Even though she lives mostly indoors in a big city, her mind can travel all across the world daily.

We use several iPad apps to achieve this result:
1. YouTube Kids
2. A VPN
3. Kidloland
4. WheelsOnBus
5. TopIQ
6. And many more free apps

YouTube Kids provides a practically infinite supply of age-appropriate engaging videos. Your kid will spend most iPad time watching this, especially if he is too young to play games. YT Kids is designed for children from infants to 12 years old.

YouTube Kids is not available in China yet, so it requires a VPN.

Apps #3-5 provide quality e-learning. They are simple enough for a child to navigate on his own, if the parents do not speak English.

My goal is to improve the effectiveness of English teaching in Shenzhen by selling a service to configure parents' iPads. This will allow children to become bilingual even if their parents cannot afford daily English lessons. It will also allow English teachers to focus less on memorization and more on fun or personal development.

Configuring an iPad to do this is not simple or straightforward, and sometimes users need technical support. This is the value I provide. You'd be surprised what a baby can do to a unsecured iPad!

I'm confident in my product and happy to provide one free trial per teaching center. A one-month subscription to a VPN costs under 110 RMB. I'll do the first configuration for free, so the center owner can see the results for herself.

Individual parents are also welcome. I can't offer a free trial, obviously, but I can demo the apps with my own iPad.

If you're a teacher who would like to learn how to do this, that's great. If there's enough interest, I'll create a step-by-step instructional. I'm charging money to prevent my time being wasted, but my real goal is to improve the quality of life of children, broaden their horizons, and give them a better future.

Not counting my labor, the cost for a YEAR of VPN + the premium elearning apps is about 1230 RMB. That's under 4 RMB per day. It is quite affordable!

I'll charge 300 RMB for iPad setup, and double to teach how to do it yourself. The latter is more difficult.

If you would like to buy, then please do the following before I configure the iPad:
1. Get a VPN. Ask if you need help with this.
2. Register a Google account if you don't already have one
3. Provide me your VPN, Google and Apple ID logins and passwords. (If you have already installed the VPN app on your iPad, I don't need that password.)

You can bring your iPad to a location near my apartment and I'll set it up while you watch. After that, you should change the passwords!

I prefer to make initial contact through email, so please contact me through the interface. It will send me an email, which I check daily. I usually reply within 48 hours.

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