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10 years Mandarin teaching experience

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Hello everyone . My name is jing . I was born and raised in Shenzhen but Got my bachelor’s degree in Japan and master’s degree in HK.
I have an advanced teaching certificate in teaching Chinese and English .

Since 2010, I’ve been working as a language trainer,teaching mandarin, Cantonese and Japanese to foreign students,as well as teaching English to local Chinese.

Over the years I’ve had experience teaching various ages and backgrounds, From primary school children up to students of over 60 years old.

As a language trainer, I’ve had the opportunity to teach students in many Fortune 500 companies . Furthermore, I also started a company in 2015, where I’ve been lucky to receive support from a group of experienced partners and now we employ more than 20 teachers .

We focus on various aspects of education, everything from test preparation and professional language training , to overseas study tours , and volunteer work. we’ve been lucky enough to visit numerous countries and experience diverse cultures around the world.

Studying several languages, coupled with years of work experience, has helped me to improve my teaching techniques , such as my ability to understand the unique challenges faced by learners from different backgrounds.

So whether you’re new to foreign languages or you’ve been studying for some time, Add me here to develop yourself even further.

Thank you everyone and I Look forward to seeing you soon.

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