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Chinese University of Hong Kong to Build Shenzhen Campus

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Shenzhen Daily, Han Ximin, Gu Yanwen reported that “THE Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) will set up a campus for research in Longgang District in collaboration with Shenzhen University.
    The campus would enroll up to 7,000 students when it opens in 2013, a news conference was told Wednesday.
    Courses would be provided for undergraduate, master’s and doctorate students.
    Student number would reach 11,000 at full capacity. One-third of the students would be from Shenzhen.
    “The provincial education department is reviewing the collaboration plan of the two universities and will submit it to the Ministry of Education for approval,” Li Xiaolu, a Guangdong Education Department official told the news conference.
    The two universities signed an agreement in July to establish the campus, which would follow the academic tradition of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. “

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